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Salmon/Trout run

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by Wapiti, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Hey all, how are you all doing? Its been for ever since I posted, and actually I apologize. You all know how summer and all of its events can take one over lol. Me and my brother are planning on going up to lower Michigan and fishing the St. Joe like we did last year at about this time and I was curious what you all predict this year as far as best times. We are planning for around Oct. 9. Thanks all and Happy Fishing.
  2. Wapiti,

    I know what you mean abot summer activities! I talked with the manager of Shamrock Park last week (Berrien Springs) and the Salmon are IN... He said they had been seeing a few fish being caught everyday, but that the peek should be this week or next.

    Good luck to you when you head out! If you catch too many, I have smoker will travel!


  3. Hey sweet, sounds great! hoping still to go, gotta make all the funds work lol
  4. 2500 have passed through the ladder in South Bend so far....
  5. Hey PigeonFlyer,

    where is the boat launch from the Main St (Mishawaka) Bridge?
  6. There is 2 ramps, 1 near IUSB and the other by the water treatment plant near Logan St. No boats past Main St. The ramp at IUSB is the best of the 2, plenty of good parking also..
  7. Let me know when you are coming Hoosier:cool: