Sam Collora's huge Buck

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  1. Rowdy


    [​IMG]Sam Collora's Huge buck taken with a bow.

    I have heard Dean talk about this buck
    before. Heres a picture so you can see
    what he's talking about.
  2. Just look in just about any huntin mag and you will see em

  3. Hey Dew???

    Where's this guy on your trail cams???? Huh???
  4. Rowdy


    Iowa, Im not sure exactly where it was taken but Sam is from Mt Pleasant IA.
    The buck was taken October 11th 1996.
  5. hey the 11th is my birthday, what a present that would be..
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  7. Sam shot him while using Doe in Estrus waaaaay before the rut was to come in. I had always read in magazine articles long ago that using Estrus "scents" wasn't a good idea outside of the rut. Two letters: B.S.
    Here's what I've learned over the years...... most commercial deer "scents" are junk. Real deer urine is the way to go.

    Fellas, get yourself some Mrs. Doe Pee's products, use them correctly, keep yourself scent free, and see how well their urines work. You won't be dissappointed. They may seem expensive, but if you compare them per ounce with other products they aren't really any different.If you do order some of the stuff, tell Judi I said hi.

    Sam is one of the most well known, well liked, and well respected deer hunters in America. He's a down to earth, no nonsense guy who just loves to hunt giant bucks one on one. He's a "celebrity", but could care a less about it. Sam and Judi live in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, which is in the SE corner of the state. American Outdoors, the parent company, and the name of his bow shop just south of Mt. Pleasant, is where they have some of their deer. Mrs Doe Pee's Buck Lures is ran out of their home which is right in Mt. Pleasant.

    The Collora Buck gross scored nearly 225" netted 193 and change Typical. Just a dink........
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  8. got my order in last week. being shipped the 9th. when you call these people they will talk to you like they've known you all their life. very friendly. i'm convinced their stuff is real and 100% fresh and frozen. i'm more convinced than ever that most of the other brands is junk.
  9. This is real deer urine folks...You all have my word that these urines are excellent. No preservatives, no additives, just pee. Mother nature's good stuff. The Colloras have excellent quality control to ensure that these urines aren't contaminated by feces, which is one of the problems that many of the "ma and pa" operations deal with. They work long and hard this time of year. Sam also puts out many other great products: videos, calls, cover scents, scent killers, etc.
  10. Well..........a few years ago I was at a Rest Stop in Iowa.........there was this ditch behind the Rest Stop, so I quick set up my camera while I went in to take a whizzzz. I then drank me a coke and ate a snickers to at least let the cam work for about an hour. I pulled the cam..........had one pick..........ran into some dude with his bow and I pointed to a tree on the ditch and said......"I got one pic man in one hour.....I'd set up in that tree along the ditch"

    ...........and now.................that same guy and that same buck are in this dang picture now up on this website!!!! What the F....... is goin' on in here!!!

    (you asked Quail) :evilsmile
  11. That'll teach me.
  12. What now? You have a picture of the Collora Buck from your trail cam?