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Sammy Terry

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. I dont know if this happens to anyone else of my era, but last night I woke up in a sweaty fit. He came back again to scare the bageebees out of me. I dreamed I was walking through this old house on my hunting ground and saw a coffin in the corner. About that time the lid started creeking and there he was......Sammy freakin Terry!!!! I thought this guy would never leave my head when I was a kid. I mean I could watch all those great horror movies, but when that guy came on I was behind the couch with my cap guns drawn. LEAVE ME ALONE SAMMY!!!!!!! Now I need real therapy....that laugh will haunt me forever. I know some of you remember this channel 4 freak. Im thinking about starting a support group because of this guy!. Thank god im married and my wife was laying there to keep me safe from him. I would have hated to have to drive to WalMart and shop until daylight. Dang you Sammy, Dang you to heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I remember Sammy all to well...I was scared to death of him too! When he'd come on I'd curl up in a ball next to my Dad. Now that I think of it why did my Dad let me watch him??? Head games and haunted forever. :yikes:

  3. HE has a web SITE is a cool 1. Rember Dick The Brusier. O I forgot how about COWBOY BOB and his dog forgot name.
  4. ...Cowboy Bob and Sourdough the Singin' Biscuit. Dick the Bruiser...don't forget about the "World's Most Scientific Wrestler" Wilbur Snider.
  5. weatherman for channel 8
  6. Nope...How 'bout Popeye and Janie?
  7. That guy was scary. But what was more scary was hearing my aunt talk about the bulge in Cowboy Bobs pants...YUCK..."Full Body Shiver"
  8. I think Cowboy Bob and Janie were "hooking up" between episodes of Popeye. :yikes:
  9. Cowboy Bob

    Cowboy Bob took me swimming in my Grandparents pond when I was a kid. He lived near them in Union Township, Johnson County and used to come by and fish and swim. He is the nicest guy, really just a good old boy like us.
  10. Randy Ollis on channel 8 reminds me of Cowboy Bob