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Saving Farmland From Development

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jackc99, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Please forward to anyone who might be interested...

    On September 13, 2005, the Indiana Land Use Consortium (ILUC) will host its eighth annual land use conference, Communities at the Crossroads VIII: Our Land, Our Farms, Our Economic Future at the University Place Conference Center on the IUPUI Campus in Indianapolis. We have put together a number of great sessions about managing rural land use conflict in a changing world (see attached list of speakers).

    We are excited that Beth Bechdol, Assistant Director of the Indiana State Dept. of Agriculture, will give our keynote address on the ongoing strategic planning efforts at the ISDA. We also are lucky to have four Midwestern experts from Illinois and Michigan to provide pragmatic perspectives about building local farmland programs with state support. Our morning plenary panel includes:

    • <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo3">Sam Santell, Director of Planning, Northeast Illinois Plan Commission (formerly with Kane County, Illinois) <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo3">Terry Savko, Bureau of Land and Water Resources, Illinois Dept. of Agriculture <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo3">Gordon Hayward, Peninsula Township, Michigan
    • Richard Harlow, Michigan Farmland Preservation Office

    Full conference program and registration materials for the conference are enclosed. Register today! We will take registrations right up to September 13.

    There are still exhibit and sponsorship opportunities. The deadline for exhibit space is September 2.

    Jamie L. Palmer, AICP


    Indiana Land Use Consortium

    c/o Center for Urban Policy and the Environment

    342 N. Senate Avenue

    Indianapolis, IN 46204


    317/261-3050 (fax)

  2. hell i hear the farmers are getting $10,000 an acre close to Indy!!!! hard to keep farm ground if a guy cant make a living off the ground and some developer offers him a quarter of a million for 25 acres of his 150 acre farm...and think what that farm ground will be worth 5,10,15 years down the road. it is a shame, but unless farming becomes a viable way to support a family i see no solution. maybe we should talk all the automotive people into coming up with a automobile that burns pure corn make a living and we dont have to depend on OPEC's oil!!!!!!! just a thought from a farmboy whose dad told him twenty years ago that there was no money in farming:(

  3. no, the "moonshine" works best on french toast, try vodka with honey on the hotcakes....and remember miller lite on top of the wheaties....mmm good...;)