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Scope for my Muzzleloader

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JoshS, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I am looking to purchase a new scope for my T/C Omega. Any Suggestions??
  2. Leupold....!!!!! You can't beat American made Quality and Lifetime Warranty. Pay extra now...instead of later!!! I know there will be some folks to disagree with me, but Leupold scopes are 'da bomb!!!!!!

    If you can afford Swarovski, etc. all the power to you...I certainly can't!!!!!

    Try the Vari-X series, Josh.

    Josh, did you skimp on the gun? Why skimp on the scope.....??
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  3. Check out field and stream this month... They did an article on best scopes for the money. The Nikon Omega 3-9X40 came in first for value and performance. Ive looked through them and they are just plain awesome and they have nearly a five inch eye relief. TO keep your muzzle away from the edge of that scope. You can also get them without the BDC (bullet drop compensator) reticle and go with the Nikoplex reticle instead. Thats my suggestion for the scope.
  4. Like anyone else we know?:evilsmile
  5. anyone checked out the new encore its 100%the best feeling loader i think i have ever laid a hand on until i got the price my knight wolverine shoots just fine out to 150 yards but i would like to have that encore
    nikon scope good optics fair value
  6. Under 200.00 the Burris Fullfield II 3x9x40 and the Leupold VX-I 2x7x33 both are good glass for the money.... I have 2- VX-I's currently. After that the VX-II's are a great scope in the 300.00 class and I'll take it a step up to say that the best bang for the buck is a Zeiss Conquest 3x9x40 at under 400.00. I have one 3x9x40 and one 3.5x10x50 in the Conquest and they are outstanding scopes...
  7. Leupold the only way to go. And yes it is American Made.
  9. depends

    A bushnell banner would work on your muzzleloader just fine, and save you about $700 compared to a Leupold. Although, I would recommend a Leupold any time you can afford one. It is all in what kind of quality glass you need. Simmons is also a great value.

  10. I have Simmons scopes on all of my firearms, and I am perfectly happy with them.
  11. Burris is my 2nd choice to Leopold,Is Burris [at least high $ ones] still U.S. made?
  12. I have an Encore with a Leupold fixed power 4x32 on it. I have found that for my hunting a 4 power on my ML is all I need. It's all personal preference however.
  13. Hi james how to you keep those Simmons scopes on your baitcasters. JUST HAVING FUN