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  1. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    I mounted a new scope on my M/L today. When I got on the paper I was hitting about four inches high. Im out of adjustment. Does the front mount need shimmed? If so, what would you use to shim it? I would be greatful for any advice.

  2. Were you out of down adjustment? If you can't go down anymore, you need to shim the back mount up. Then recenter your scope. You should then be able to go down to bullseye. If you shim the front, you'll only hit higher. Trial and error is how I figured out all of my problems..... Good Luck, any problems - just shoot me a PM. - Jeff P.S. any shooting store will carry shims, and probably be more than happy to help you get it set back up!
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  3. Check your mount and make sure everything is flush and secure. You may have the wrong rings or mount for your scope or M/L.
  4. Hook what kind of rings and scope you mounting?
  5. If you end up needing shims... just cut some strips of aluminum can... and use them to shim your scope accordingly.

    What yardages were you shooting at? What gun,scope,ring/base setup were you using?
  6. I second this notion. :)

    I have probably owned around 100 scoped firearms in my life (wish I still had 'em all), and not once did I ever have to shim a scope. I'd say that it would have to be about 2 feet high or low on the average scope to run out of elevation adjustment at 100 yards.
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Funny story, i took my friend to my property to sight in his new 12g shotgun. Well he was all over the target and i didnt want to butt in, i figured he would get dialed in soon enough, after 3 boxes and us only having 1 box left, i decided to ask if he needed help, then i noticed the scope was turned 90 degrees off, 3 shots later he was dialed in, only cost him 40
  8. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    Hey...If I switch to see thru scope rings, wont this fix my problem? I should have plenty of adjustment then...right?
  9. I've only seen this problem once, on my brother-in-laws M/L, and his see through mounts were warped, a new set fixed his problem. I don't care for see through mounts, but to each his own. I would suggest a new set of mounts and rings and sighting your M/L in at 50 yards first, if you want it dead on at 100, then set it in an inch high at 50 and shoot it at 25 and 100 yards and go from there. Good Luck Fish