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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. I went out to setup some cams, retrieve a cam, do some scouting, check for sheds yesterday (Feb. 11th). Took some pics of my hunting areas and wanted to share the pics with you all...for all you diehard deer hunters, after seeing these, Oct. 1st won't come soon enough. No sheds found yet but plenty of other sign.

    Cedar rubbing post






    I think there's deer in these here woods...that's what I'm thinkin'...




  2. sheds in the park

    treehugger, I took my dogs to eagle creek this morning to the back areas to keep their bird noses strong and they found 2 sheds for me, a four and a basket six . they looked pretty fresh.

  3. Tree, rubber!!!!!!

    Treehugger, Great pics man!!! Did "The Boss" do all of that handy work on the lumber??? I sure love those cedar rubs. The bucks really hit them up here too. They really love cedars and pines...and hit them every year...over and over and over. Good signposts!!!!!!!

    Seeing your pics makes me want to go out and do some of the same!!!!
  4. "The Boss" has left his mark around there and may have done some of the damage to the Cedar post...I believe there is another one or two as big or bigger than "The Boss" still there. I nor the landowner has laid eyes on him/them but the signs are there and the habitat is conducive.
  5. nice pics!!

    went out sat. didn't find any sheds. had a nice time though. thought i might lose some weight but ate 2 big donuts on the way. kind of defeated that. oh well.
  6. Hey Tree,

    Have any luck with your new cameras yet?? I bought me some too but have yet to try them out. Nice rubs on them thare cedars!!!

  7. I put 2 cams out on Saturday...can't wait to get the results. May check to see how many pics have been taken by the end of this week.
  8. Tree,

    You do know it is LEGAL to bait deer in Indiana into a Camera setup just not a hunting setup. I was thinking about this yesterday. If you wanted to just see what is in the area like around July or August this could be usefull!!! I may take a gallon or two of apple cidar and pour it out in front of the camera. May get them to stop longer for good shots.


    PS.....We still need to get together soon for our secret deer scouting trip!! I will call ya!!:bonk:
  9. Scout??

    Can I come too????:cwm27:
  10. Sure Dean, you bring the land and the beer and Tree and I will bring the hmmm......................EXPERIENCE!!!!!:evil: JK
  11. Not!!!!!

    Hey, I've already got enough guys breakin' my you-know-whats on here so give me some slack Mister!!!!! I'll never let treehogger on my hunting ground anyways. He'll just get lucky again and shoot a big one on my spot. Not gonna do it!!!!!
  12. The guy is definately a Trophy Buck Magnet. I am thinking about asking him to go hunting with me so I can use him as a decoy. Think it will work????:yikes:
  13. Tree hogger to the rescue!!!!!

    Hey Hoyt, Make sure he takes a shower before you take him to your woods!!!!:bouncy:
  14. Yes, I may have to put out a little "deer incentive" later on. Get a hold of me sometime and we'll do the Illinois search......ssssshhhh don't let Dean know!!!
  15. Are we going to Illinois next year Tree????? OH Joy!!!!

    Let me know what....Old Buddy!!!!!!!;) Why would you want to go to Illinois, Tree, don't you know that we have everything that they do????? Except one thing........................