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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by indylandon, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Went out this afternoon to scout around a little. I was walking around a grown up hay field and stopped at a corner for a min. As I was standing there, I had 2 does pop up around 10 feet away from me. Thought I was going to get run over. Then I went and checked a ridge top. Found 3 little scrapes on a saddle that connects the field and the ridge. When I got to the top of the ridge I found 7 scrapes that were within 100yrds of each other, and it looked like they were gitting hit pretty hard. Also jumped 2 does with a little buck and a bigger buck bedded down with one doe. I was about 15 yards away from the doe and buck, but I didn't know they were there. The doe just stood there for about 10 sec. looking at me with her vitals covered by a tree. All in all, pretty exciting 3 hours. Also found some 4-6 inch trees rubbed up on that same ridge. I think I know where I'm setting up at.
  2. Yikes! Sounds like a gold mine...get in there!

  3. Sounds like a hot spot for sure! I have yet to see any rubs or scrapes this year. I'm sure they are there, but I haven't pushed the bedding areas yet, there are spots near there that are always heavy with sign.
  4. Yea, there's a finger that comes off that ridge full of green briar and white oaks. I don't know if there feeding in there, but I think it might be a travel route and feeding area.
  5. Yep, this is the time to hunt scrapes for those who like to. Did anyone read the article in North American Whitetail last year about hunting scrapes after a rain? Seems we've had plenty of it lately. Just wondered if anyone ever gave this a shot?
  6. Field & Stream

    The current November issue of Field and Stream is excellent with several articles / info tidbits on deer hunting. It breaks down the best times to use calls, scents, decoys, etc. It also breaks down the "must" times to be out there in the coming weeks. A lot of it we have discussed on here but it makes for a good read and confirms what we have talked about, just another confidence booster!
  7. i'm glad somebody is seeing some scrape activity cause i've not found any rubs or scraps. the area i'm hunting is usually littered with them. i'm hopin it's just days away before it starts showin up.
  8. Same here Scrape...but they will come! I'm hunting in some kind of Doe know the boys will start visiting soon enough.
  9. There has been some scrape activity in my hunting area for the past couple of weeks, more so within the past week. Still haven't seen many bucks on their feet yet though.
  10. Found a chitload of scrapes this was the size of a car hood! Won't be long...
  11. You are right Dean, I have hunted scrapes after rain before. Bucks tend to want to freshen up any scrapes the rain may have washed clean. If you can manage to sit before it stops raining, some of those bucks don't wait to long check the scrapes. I have even seen bucks hit them before a rain also. Clever they are!
  12. I'm with you Quail, except I'm seeing more bucks than does. I have seen a total of 6 rubs and no scrapes, yet I'm seeing 2+ bucks each time out. Oh well, I will take seeing the buck over seeing the buck's sign any day. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in not seeing much buck sign.
  14. All this talk of scrape activity and bucks chasing does has caused me to call my wife and tell her not to expect me home for supper tonight, I'll be in a treestand for a few hours this evening. It is a dark cloudy day here today and things are looking good. Now if only my boss will leave early this afternoon I'll be in good shape.
  15. A lot of scrapes where I hunt. More probably than I've ever seen before.

    I had two 6 pointers fight right under me on Saturday morning. They had a dispute because one was bedded where the other one apparently thought he needed to be. Funny watching them duke it out.

    Saturday evening, I had a nice 10 pointer making a scrape about 50 yards from me. Wasn't really a scrape, more like a mass excavation. He was digging a hole. He started coming my way when he noticed a forkie making a scrape about 80 yards or so from me. He turned and proceeded to thump on the forkie. He was running the small bucks all over out of his little hiding spot. Fun to watch for sure.

    Next weekend should be awesome for finding bucks looking to kick some serious deer butt. Rattling horns and grunt calls. Should be a good one.