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Season Dates???

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Rauch, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know that early goose usually comes in on Sept 1. But when do they officially post the waterfowl season dates?

    Anybody been seeing the birds flying to the fields yet?
    Can't wait to pound some honkers!!!!!

  2. Usually not till late Aug or Sept till the main dates come out. No birds flying, but our local population looks real nice this year. Many fishing trips have had me drewling all over the boat.
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  3. The honkers have been flying for almost a week here now. My fields haven't been cut yet, but the neighbors has, and its got the geese in it daily, morning & evening feeds. Come on Sept. 1st!!
  4. Hey, SuperMag....LOVE the avatar!
  5. Hey JL, thanks. Should be a decent year for them, hopefully
  6. ????

    What is with this influx of duck hunters???

    Just kiddin', welcome to the site. Anyone interested in taking out a newbie waterfowler, let me know. I'd love to do more of it.
  7. honks

    Had a flock of 15 flying out of the creek area by my place at 8:30am this morning. Honking up a storm, pretty cool.
  8. They've been flying for a week or better here too. I drove past a wheat stubble field this morning that had 30 or 40 sitting in there feeding.

    Sept 1 can't get here fast enough.
  9. Where does everyone plan on hunting for the opener? No, I'm not asking for your hotspots, what I mean is, what county and are you water hunting or will you guys be in the fields? I will be in a field in either St Joe Co. or La Porte Co, and maybe even Porter Co. So what about everyone else?
  10. There's a groop of 5 of us that hunt Steuben County. Strictly wheat stubble fields. Each of us typically secures a couple fields, so we have pleanty of different fields to set up on depending on the birds and hunting pressure.
  11. Nice plans DEC. Sounds like you guys are ready to lay the smack down. I hope all 5 of you guys limit out, that'd be a hunt to remember. Good luck this year.
  12. strip pits

    Usually try a strip pit lake by the white river in Johnson County first. There are several lakes all together, good evening hunt, if you can get one before the sun goes down. Otherwise hunt flooded cow pasture by the White River in Owen County in the morning and evening, or sand bars along the river in the morning and evening.
  13. Steuben Co. for me as well. Probably gonna hit a buddy's pond opening morning. He saw 96 geese on it the other day, and they continually leave "presents" on his shoreline.
  14. Its the same 5 of us every year. It isn't often that all 5 of us hook up on the same day, due to work schedules, but we hit the fields hard. Atleast a couple of us are out hunting on the weekends and a lot of weekdays too. Some days we clean up with limits, but a lot of days we go home with 2 or 3 birds. We take the early goose season pretty seriously. We roll in with our trailers full of Big Feet (I think we are up to around 9 dozen now), blinds, and the works. I think we enjoy the set up most. We don't put out all the decoys most of the time, but we can throw down an impressive spread of decoys. Mostly they just impress us, not the geese.;)

    We have fun with it. Mostly it is about just hanging out with each other. We end up sitting in the blinds talking 95% of the time. But we do slaughter some geese in the mix too.:biggrin: