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Second Chance Mature bucks

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dirtyq, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. I was reading another thread that peaked my curiosity and I wondered if any of you had shared my experiences. Have any of you ever shot, shot at or severely spooked a mature buck that you didn't get at the time to kill the buck on a later hunt?

    I have had two experiences/blunders on exceptional deer only to never see the deer again. I guess in my experience they don't get old by making the same mistake twice. Just wondered if any of you turned a mistake into success later on.
  2. Usually a couple a year.

    The one that comes to mind is in 2004, on the opener of archery season, I missed a 10 pointer not once, but twice that morning.:yikes: I almost got a third shot at him that morning. I hunted that buck and hunted him, but never saw him again. He ended up being killed during gun season about 1 mile away. He scored in the high 150's.

    This year, on the first morning out bow hunting, I passed up a chocolate 9 pointer that was a great animal. I passed him because it was early and I was second guessing myself. I haven't seen that deer since.

  3. I shot a nice 8 pointer earlier in archery season. We trailed him but never did find him. I never saw him again. Another hunter saw him and said he was walking with a limp but still alive. The other hunter missed him too during archery season. I hope to get a crack at him next year, he'll be even better by then.
  4. Yep...

    The deer I shot this year....Jumped him the week before with a hot doe.I can still see him running across the Field to this day.I told my Brother thats what where after right there!!!The rest of the week all I could remember was him running across the Field with that Huge rack and the 1 drop tine.I think you know the " Rest of the Story".....What a great day it was.;) ;) ;)
  5. dirtyq, just this year it happened. In early bow season I watched a big 8 pointer come into range and I took the shoot and I hit the deer in the brisket in front of the front legs due to a small limp the arrow hit first. I saw the deer a couple of week later and he seem to be OK. Guess what on Sat. the 16th my grandson killed the big 8 pointer and Cody picture is in the gallery with the deer. So never give up
  6. What about you dirtyq, do you have one from last year???????during archery season???????
  7. 2nd chance

    ...3rd chance, 4th about giving a buck an education! I still see him once in awhile, but he has become very sneeky. One day the deer gods will shine down and let me have him.
  8. I had two encounters with a 150" 10pt and two encounters with a different mature buck that looked to go 140". You can usually disturb them one time and still get another chance. Disturb him twice and that's all she wrote. All that was all between nov.3 and nov. 8, didn't get either on of them. Maybe Friday :confused:
  9. i shot at and missed a pretty nice 8 pointer oct. 6 in my urban zone. it was a 21 yard shot, slightly quartering to me, and he ducked the arrow. i was sick because he would have been the biggest buck i'd ever shot. but i stayed with it and seen him a couple more times out of range. luckily he never came too close because on nov. 6 a much better 8 pt came cruising through and i got him.
  10. In 2002, early in bow season, I shot a big wide 10 (150-160) at 25 yards, right behind the shoulder, but low, blood trail was good but trickled away after 100 yards or so, made me sick, I saw him 3 weeks later behind a doe and I felt a little better. In 2003, same tree, early bow, looked like the same buck but this time his rack was higher, at 20 yards, hit him low, right behind the shoulder again, he jumped and stopped about 10 yards from where I shot him, I put another arrow in and noticed my serving had come loose and my nock had moved up a little bit, he ran directly away from me and stopped and stood at about 60 yards for at least 5 minutes........... that was the last time I saw him. Tracked him the next morning to a bed, no blood leaving it, searched most of the day. I still think about him........ what a Buck!
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  11. Don't remind me! I'll never forget that one.
  12. Had a 10 yard broadside shot at a real nice 10 point last year during early archery. I started drawing back on him as he was looking away and he bolted, never seen him again the rest of the season. I found what was left of him this year along with 2 nice does. I found them all in the creek bottom of the woods I hunt along the Clay and Putnam county line. Never had them checked, but I assume they were killed by the EHD that went around this year.
  13. Dang, I hate to hear that dleslie. Did you see very many deer out there this year? I haven't seen any sign of that in southern Indiana, but I have found two younger bucks that appeared to be shot from the road and left.
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  14. On the topic of EHD.. it is affecting our muzzleloader season like no other. We usually have no problem finding does to shoot... But this year its been tough... we found almost 30 of them dead during early archery and who knows how many we didnt find. That stuff killed a lot of our herd in parke county.