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Secondary Rut Activity

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. I went shining last night for the first time in awhile. I wanted to gauge what kind of deer were left after gun season and see if I could detect any secondary breeding activity.

    Of course, I saw tons of does and fawns out. It only reinforced some of the things I've talked to folks about overpopulation. SHOOT SOME DOES!!!! Enuff said...

    I saw 5 bucks in total. I saw a good shooter and an up and comer harassing a lone doe in a corn stubble field. The younger of the two was actually grunting away. This was all I needed to see (and hear) to confirm some suspicions.

    I also saw a lone buck with an inside spread of approx. 24-26 inches all by himself in a bean stubble field. A beautiful 150-Class 8 Pointer!!!! He kind of seemed to be cruising some. If I had to guess I'd say that some Secondary Breeding is going on right now. This is good news for us who haven't tagged out yet.

    Keep after it fellas. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
  2. Thanks for the update Dean, now all I need is the weather to cooperate, it's like a spring day here, warm and wet.

  3. Saw a nice 2 year buck that was chasing a doe yesterday at work. Then saw a average 3-4 year buck hounding a doe after dark right by the house last night.
  4. friday morning on the drive to work saw a nice buck doggin a doe across a bean field...secondary rut definitely going:biggrin:
  5. Going to try and hunt all day tomorrow, let you guys know what I see.:biggrin: Maybe get a big buck aquainted with the ground.
  6. I was seeing secondary rut starting the last week of firearms. The buck I shot was trying to breed a yearling. Saw another buck a half hour later chasing another yearling.
  7. its been terrible for me no evidence
  8. Was thinking of something other than a spring day.
  9. And what might that be?????:16suspect
  10. I've seen three different bucks cruising this week. I wouldn't doubt that they are right in the middle of their second swing. Everything has been moving at night around me. After that first night of snow my field looked like snowmobiles had been ripping around. Just deer tracks:coolgleam
  11. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    does this mean i could use dominant buck urine or hold off, reason is i saw a nice 10 pt. going after four does.
  12. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Seen a very large 9 pointer chasing a doe yesterday morning, there were two does and when the lead doe broke off the trail and started heading towards me the buck pushed her back on the trail with the other doe and walked them over the hill! I almost broke in the new thompson pro hunter! cant wait to shoot a deer with it!
  13. Killed antlerless # 4 last Satuday- Only a buck now! Got a new 20 acre swamp to hunt - the bus driver on the route say they cross the road into the swamp all the time. Build a new ladder stand to get above the buck brush and we are in business. :)
  14. Buck are still chasing does here. Saw a good 8 point chasing a couple of does plus I saw 3 other bucks that will be good for next year. Glad to see they have made it so far.
  15. Rattled in two small bucks Sunday, had a big 160 class 8 point with doe at 70 yards , cap failed! 5 minutes later I kill 9 pointer with another doe. Mature 3 1/2 year old buck, not a slammer but he fit the moment.