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selling our land

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by scrapewatcher, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. i see there's a plan now on capitol hill to sell national forest land. in 32 states. i think this will be just a start. get rid of our public land. if you want to view the article it's at what's your alls take on this !!
  2. Mitch

    I sure hope that Mitch does not see that. First the toll road, next the county parks...

  3. land sale

    I don't think mitch can sell federal land
  4. There was article about this in our local newspaper recently. There are already groups fighting against the sale. I can't be sure of the acerage, but I think they wanted to sell about 500 acres in the Hoosier National Forest. Most if not all of it will go to timber sales. I don't see why they have to sell to timber companies. They could still log parts of the forest without selling it.
  5. I forgot to add that this is not a sale governed by the state, it is being proposed by the federal government.
  6. Sell federal land, lease out the toll road, raise property taxes...... what else? Seems to be a revolving door of horse *****. Everything costs more,what can an honest God fearing, taxpaying, outdoorsman really do?
  7. Wish I had the answer to that one, seems like sometimes the harder a you try the more someone else benefits.
  8. land !!

    well i'll try this again. lost the 1st message. well it's getting to the point that they will slide these types of bills through without much publicity and it's going to be a runaway train. wasn't lottery tickets supposed to take care of our school systems and roads? the only time you heard the state talk about that was when they were trying to get it passed. well this is federal and once they start this i mean taking small chunks of our public land there are so many personal interest groups with their own personal agenda that influence the senate and congress that i don't think anyone can think they won't want their hand in the pot. if i sound gloom and doom forgive me i don't mean to but i've seen 1st hand what loggers can do to a big ridge full of hickory and poplar and oak. i'm not going to argue the point that timber doesn't need to be managed but when you can rape a ridge of all the 14" and up trees and can see for miles that's what will likely happen. i really don't think the fed. gov. will be monitering anything. all their going to see is the big fat checks for their personnel agenda. what of all the slag and erosion that will flow into the watersheds???? if in fact this takes place and i'm not saying anyone can do much about it but let me plant a seed. i know bowhunters and fisherman want their children & grandchildren to have something that we enjoy when we are gone. what if!!!!!!!! and i've seen this work. why can't hunters and outdoors people hunters from indiana form a coalition and pull their money and buy shares of some of this property for hunting and have a deed entitlement that could be passed down to children and grandchildren. i have no idea what this land would sell for but 2 or 3 thousand hunters pulling their money might be able to own a chunk of it. how proud would that be to leave your kids or grandkids something of that nature. i know it can be done cause i know a thousand acre hunting property doing it right now. OR is the alternitive to turn our head and let this slip through our fingers !!
  9. Is there a way to find what land they plan to sell? I hunt some of the HNF in Crawford Co. from time to time.
  10. it's my guess that we'll just have to find out info as it is available. it's hard for me to believe that there won't be any opposition from this. i would also say that without a team effort it would be hard to compete with the big timber co.'s i would say they have their special interest people taking position right now. but if we pay attention info should become available. (hopefully)
  11. The article I saw was said it mostly on the west coast.
  12. mabe.... i was just quoting the article i saw which included 32 states.
  13. Selling land????

    I was getting ready to get some sleep last night when i heard something on Jay Leno that made me go huh... Apparently Bush is thinking about selling some of our ports to foreign investors, yeah just like the toll road thing. Apparently the Port of New York is being sold to one of three countries that openly supports the Al-Queda. Now does that make anyone else go what the hell.....?
  14. quite honostly it's a new world we are living in. i mean it's something very disturbing every day. let's see now just in the past yr. we have a supreme court justice approve iminent domain which means they can confiscate your property for any reason that justifies their agenda, they can sell our public land to satisfy their hunger for money, scandels in the capitol are rampid, we can't even say merry christmas anymore and feel normal. now we are giving arabs (terrorists) our waterways. it's getting so sickening it's crazy. i mean should anything surprise us anymore? makes you wonder what the next 5 yrs. will bring. yikes !!!!!!!!!!:coco:
  15. hey trdnl bowhunter!! just curious. have you ever hunted the pioneer weopons area of the daniel boone nat'l forest in ky. i think they only allow flinlock and the regular black powder guns not inlines and recurves and long bows. it's a huge area if i'm not mistaken about 150,00 acres. beautiful area. just wondering.