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Seminar Thank you

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by FireLt72, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    Just a note to thank the members of the Indiana Sportsman that came to the turkey seminar that we had tonight. The numbers were not what I wanted (I wanted 200 lol) but we did have about 25-30 folks there. We raise a few dollars for our school and Carl Drake put on a great show. Everyone left with a good door prize and the kids got some fun stuff too! We will have this again next year, but try and avoid Easter Weekend. If you specifically want notified next year email me at and I will email you when we get it set.
    Thanks again to Indiana Sportsman for letting me post the seminar here! Also thanks to Dicks Sporting Goods, Charter One Bank, Big Lake Outdoors, OutDoorsman, McDonalds and WhiteRiver Canoe Company for their donations! Thanks also to Realtree and Hunters Specialty for letting Carl Drake come in and entertain us and educate us.