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Sharpen Your Pencil Weimer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scott Werstler, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Busy season is fast approaching. I measured 3 deer last week in which two were P&Y qualifiers and I am scheduled to measure 3 this week. Are you ready my fine apprentice?
  2. Go get him Scott, show him what a real scorer does.

  3. sounds like it's your busy season.
  4. I am humbled that you even mention my name in the same sentance as yours Oh Great One!!!!!!

    :bowdown: The Great Zen Scoring Master!!!!!

    From: Your Young Apprentice
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  5. Sharpen his pencil???
    Dean is more like the mathematician who had constipation…he worked it out with a pencil.:yikes:
  6. And people think that I am twisted.....:mad:
  7. Some how that doesn't sound right :coco:

  8. I feel dirty...why would you say that quail...:hide:
  9. wow...
    for the first time in recent memory I am speechless (my wife thanks you)
    with a pencil you say??
    i'll have to look into that...
  10. Don't look too close.
  11. Too late i already have.:yikes:
  12. 1 more joke...had to

    You'll need a #2 pencil.

  13. Ha, ha....very funny!!!!!
  14. Measured 11 thus far, how 'bout you Deano?
  15. Dean & Scott I took a flyer for the 27th up to the gun shop in Busco today.
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