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Sharpening Broadheads

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. I post this because of two reasons...

    1.) I was talking with James Lyons last night about how to sharpen a Muzzy Phantom Broadhead...
    2.) Because Muzzy themselves said this is a good way to do it...

    So check this link out and I think if you are shooting a two blade head this is the way to go. I opted for the microscopic serrated edge that he describes and with 10 dollars in two files.. I have some of the sharpest heads I have ever used.;f=17;t=000002

    Might save you a lot of time and money replacing heads and or buying a sharpener that you can get to work.

    **the serrated edge that he makes wont shave hair but it will cut through a livestrong band like butter. I was just goofing around and about cut my wrist off. Hope this helps someone out there.
  2. I like the file method of sharpening the broadheads, but I myself wouldn't put a serrated edge on a broadhead blade. Serrations, no matter how minute they may be, do more tearing than cutting. It is the tearing of flesh that causes the brain to send coagulating agents to the blood. Wow, I sound like an armchair biologist almost...hurry, Scott, ask me a question!

  3. Yeah i understand that, but here is my thinking. Most arteries are rubber and have a certain elasticity to them... If that little bit of grab can nick a few extra arteries and cut a few in half then, Im thinking thats not a bad idea. The coagulation doesnt seem to be an issue either way unless you hit them bad. And if you hit them bad dont you want to possibly knick, cut, and sever as much stuff as possible? Just a thought. Im gonna try to shoot one with the factory razor edge and the serration thing i put on them and see which seems to give the best blood trail. Ill keep you posted i might even take some pics... Good luck this weekend fellas...
  4. my thoughts are even after the shot every bound they make stretching their entire body to its limits is going to make a clean cut rip anyway...jmo.
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