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Shed Hunting Contest

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tine Lock, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Here it is guys. I have posted the rules below, and will answer any questions along the way.

    Shed Hunting Contest Rules
    1) Sheds

    a) Sheds must be found as separated antlers, and not connected to the skull.
    a) They must have been found during the dates given.
    b) Sheds must have been found by you, and should not be someone else’s sheds.

    2) Posting Sheds

    a) All sheds must be verified by a picture of the finder and the sheds together.
    i) If a picture that does not meet regulations is posted sheds will be disregarded until a legal picture is provided.
    b) If a shed is accompanied by a match they both must be included in the same picture so they can be verified as a pair.
    i) If a pair of sheds have been posted, but have been posted separately they will be scored as being two different sheds and not a matching pair.
    c) Along with the photo the following information must be provided:
    i) Date sheds were found
    ii) County that sheds were discovered in
    iii) Name of finder
    iv) How many points the shed possess
    (1) Note: A point is considered as 1” or longer.
    v) Whether they are matching sheds

    3) Scoring

    a) Since measuring the sheds can’t be done each shed will be given one point for each point that it has.
    i) Droptines will be excluded from the previous rule.
    b) Droptines on any shed will be given 5 points.
    c) Any matching pairs of sheds that are found will be awarded 10 extra points.
    i) Matching sets of sheds will be verified by members on whether they actually come from the same buck, unless the finder can prove by previous pictures what buck had the matching set.
    d) I know that some shed’s scores will seem unfair when scored by this system, therefore, all sheds will be given 1-20 extra points based on my opinion of the shed’s character, and mass.

    4) Dates

    a) The competition will start now, but sheds that have been found as of January 1 will be accepted.
    b) All sheds must be posted before June 1 to be acknowledged. I will then figure out the winners of the contest.

    Note: Some of these rules may not seem the most fair, but they will work sufficiently and overall will make a better competition.

    Winning Categories

    1) Biggest Shed
    a) This will be based on the scoring system I have provided, and will be dedicated to the shed that produces the most points.
    2) Most Overall Points
    a) This will be based on the scoring system I have provided, and will be dedicated to the person who has the most points combined.
    3) Best Character Shed
    a) This will be based on a pole vote that I will make after the contest is over and will be voted upon by all members.
    4) Most Sheds Found
    a) This will be based upon the person that is able to collect the most amount of sheds.

    Winning Prizes

    1) All winners will win bragging rights for the 2007 shed hunting contest. Other than that though they can give themselves a big pat on the back.


  2. If possible can a mod. please make this sticky for me?
  3. Count me in. Sounds fair enough.
  4. I'm definately in. ;) Tine can they be sheds found in another state, or do they have to be from indiana only?
  5. any state you want as long as you found them during the dates given.
  6. sounds good to me im in
  7. Again, It would be greatly appreciated if a moderator could make this thread "sticky".

  8. This just promotes antler worship.
  9. I too would like in on this.