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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hav2HuntEm, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Has anyone found any sheds yet? I would think the big boys that made it through, should be dropping anytime now. We were out two weeks ago and saw a pretty good 8-pt. that still had his head gear. The same week my son & I found a fresh road killed 8-pt.
  2. I walked close to 50 acres last Friday and didn't find any.

  3. I've walked my area the last two Saturdays and haven't found any. I did see a buck on Sunday that had dropped though.
  4. sheds????

    I walked all around my town the other day. It seemed that every house had at least one shed. Sorry!!!:(
  5. Were there any Purdue grads living in any of them. Sorry too!!!
  6. My wife and I checked last weekend on the new farm I hunted this year, and all we found were the skeletal remains of a spike buck that was probably shot and not recovered. :(
  7. sheds !!

    when you all look for sheds where is the best place to look.........trails, bedding areas, fields. i never have much luck but i know there are plenty deer where i look. :banghead3 or is it anywhere in general ?
  8. Sheds are tough!!!!

    Here is some general info.... Start with feeding fields where you've seen a lot of deer after deer season. From there back track the fields to the bedding areas. If that doesn't pan out, prepare to utilize some boot leather in your search. Keep in mind that sheds aren't always going to be found where you saw deer back in November. The harder the winter the more the deer will be compressed into certain areas. Remember, these are general guidelines. I've found sheds in thickets where they "shouldn't have been", and I've also found singles out in wheat stubble fields, etc. If you're searching feeding fields, keep in mind that you should look the entire field(s). Perhaps you could use a 4-wheeler, and/or a bicycle if the fields are dry and the farmer doesn't mind. Many times the sheds will be in the first 50 feet outside of the woods as deer tend to start feeding soon after entering them. Also, look along creeks, fence row crossings, ditches...anywhere where a buck will have to jump. This jumping, and sudden stopping, sometimes frees up sheds as they hit the ground opposite the jump. I've heard of people actually finding sheds in creeks too. Really, all things considered eqaul, get out there and do some walking. Sometimes, just like other deer hunting endeavors, you just get lucky!!!!!F Good luck!!!
  9. I heard of guys making "shed traps". They take an 8-foot hog panel, and make two vertical cuts to make 3 equal-length sections. These 3 sections are then wired into a triangle. Corn is then placed inside of this small triangle pen. When a buck tries to force its head through the squares in the panel to get at the corn, its antlers will pop off if loose. I've never gotten around to trying it, but have heard others getting lots of sheds in this manner.
  10. shed traps

    I have a problem with that idea. I'm not sure whether or not that is ethical.

  11. I have found them in fields and in bedding thickets both. The best place I found them was on a farm no one was allowed to hunt. They would let me shed hunt though. To back up what Dean said, my cousin found one stuck in the mud along the road once. The buck had jumped a fence and when he did the antler cam off when he landed. The end of the main beam stuck in the mud and the rest was sticking up like a mushroom. He saw it while driving down the road.
  12. sheds !!

    thanks guy's i appreciate those tips. i think i'm going to go this weekend with the dog. if nothing else i might lose some weight.
  13. There was a shed-hunting article in some hunting magazine that I was browsing through the other day at Wal-Mart that mentioned training dogs to hunt shed antlers. I can't remember the name of the magazine though. :(

    The dogs mentioned in the article found piles of sheds in a day's time.
  14. Just was out scouting around saw some bucks and they still have there horns.
  15. I found two sets of sheds last week down by Eagle Creek, both sets were within 75yrds of each other. One was an 8pt with a broken beam and one was a 10pt very nice rack. neither had an bleaching and appeared to be this years sheds.