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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JoshS, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Has anyone been out looking or found any sheds this year yet?? I am taking my lab out this weekend to hopefully find a few (no he hasn't been trained to find sheds . . . too much of a house dog).
  2. No haven't been out yet Josh. What time do you guys normall go out? I was think Feb. So I can be sure all deer have shed their antlers.

  3. First week of March, sunny day, no snow, take binoculars.
  4. I think its a bit too early for sheds yet. About another month or so and you'll be prime time.
  5. i agree first of march and even then i've seen a half rack...there are a few starting to drop now and if you have a high squirrel population in your shed hunting area then you may want to check it out a little earlier otherwise wait til march...
  6. Last year, bucks had already begun to shed their racks by this time, but the cold weather and deep snows fostered this earlier-than-usual antler shedding. While it may be a tad early to find some, I wouldn't count it out entirely. The mild weather may make the antlers stay on longer than last year, but it doesn't hurt to get out there and try.
  7. I just came back from being in the woods. I went to a bedding area and found half of a 8 pointer. I have heard of people seeing half racks on deer right now. Maybe i got lucky but i am going to try to go to some over woods this weekend.
  8. Walke six miles yesterday and didn't find nada. :cheeky-sm
  9. I met a dude from Wells County as I was leaving Gander today. He had a great shed antler that he picked up 5 days ago. He also told me that he has pictures of 5 different bucks that have shed already on his trail camera in recent days. It seems that maybe it's time to start the search gentleman. I'm gonna check the Cuddeback tomorrow to see what I can see on it. I'll post the pic. of the shed as soon as I figure out how to get it off of my phone camera. Can anyone help?
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  10. Talk to James 'techno geek' Lyons on that one!
  11. Dean, you should be able to hook up your normal camera cord to your computer, the input should be the same, and the computer should recognize what is on the phone.
  12. What if I don't want a computer to recognize EVERYTHING on my phone?
  13. Anyone else get a full body shiver there?:yikes:
  14. Mine looks at mine as a "storage device", and i just choose to view the files, and just copy the one that i want off of it.
  15. Should I be offended here?