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Shock Gobbling

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Does anyone use shock gobble calls like a crow or owl? If so where do you use them, how often, and what types of calls do you use? I've never seen or heard of anyone having success with them in the Brookville area. Seems the turkeys are too smart. Maybe it's the time of day or year they're using them. Anyway just thought I'd get some input.
  2. use them and they work...crow/owl/coyote howl/ woodpecker...if they are not resonding in your area try something different...peacock/hawk....a have a neighbor that has a donkey and it shocks the hell otta them:yikes: not that i've ever seen a donkey call...i've used them all times of day....right before dark like coyote/owl....crow woodpecker seems to work real early for me....just don't limit your options and keep trying...that hot gobbler is one call away...heehawheehaw

  3. i use an owl call i do myself right before flydown time. or if i'm roosting a bird. after the mid morning they might get tight lipped. i like to cut aggressively from the ridgetops every 4 0r 500 yrds or so to get a gobble then set up somewhere.
  4. I've used all kinds of shock calls...crow, owl, coyote, peacock. None of these calls have EVER elicited a response. I quit using them a few years ago. I don't even carrry them with me anymore.
  5. In the area I hunt............we use shock calls ONLY during preseason scouting to locate where they are roosting. Most of the shock calls are a call they may gobble at .......but would not want to come near. Heck.......we have even slammed our truck door and that set them off a gobblin'. Keep in mind too that one day a shock call will work and the birds light up..........the next day they may not even respond but are roosting in the exact same spot.

    Do not determine if your shock calling is working or not on just a few times out.........they can be hit or miss simply because of the mood the birds are in.
  6. I've had them shock gobble at a crow call many times. One that I like to use because it is not a predatory sound is a goose call. Take a short reed call out and blow a loud hailing type of honk. It is non-threatening and works anywhere, as geese fly over woods blocks and fields all the time.

    I tend to not try and do a lot of shock gobbling though. I like to throw a few loud yelps out there and see what happens.

    Shock gobbling can be hit or miss.
  7. any of the locater calls will work, a coyote howler works for me a higher percentage of the time. i also dont think turkeys associate howling with predateors.
  8. You have to hunt where birds are at first JL! :evil: :evil: :evil: I only use a crow call. I carry it on me but hardly use it. I usually have a specific spot I am going to sit and go there not going to locate and go get um but bring them to me. I find the crow call to easily open them up with they feel like it.
  9. Had more luck with a crow call than any other....................ever hear them go off when a storm coming in and there is thunder?
  10. I like the crow call mid-day to locate birds. The barred owl hoot will also work in the evening, if you are in to roosting. I only use the crow call at mid-day when moving around. I usually don't try to roost the birds or try to call too much when they are still in the trees in the morning. I've heard them shock gobble to geese a few times, and thunder.
  11. I don't Shock Gobble at first light, but instead let nature take its course. I do shock gobble later in the morning when I'm trying to locate birds that are not gobbling. My favorite shock gobble call is a Lone River Goose Call. It absolutley rocks the place!:dizzy:
  12. I was made a firm believer in the owl hooter after my kentucky trip last year. Then had it work twice up here in Noble co. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. When i used to hunt up around lake gage the sandhills would fly over and the birds would go nuts. ....... boy do i miss that ground
  13. Same here!

    I've heard people shoot in the distance and had toms that were closer to me gobble.
  14. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I love my owl call, I have only had 1 day that I couldn't get a gobble with it....Funny how that works. Do you think it is the call, caller or the area? Just wondering....
  15. Area for sure.