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shooter or hunter

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DBurris, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. my partner is an avid hunter but what really gets him going is the actual shot rather than hunt. He likes all the other stuff that goes along with the hunt dogs , boats camo ,but it's the shot that matters most. No way could he sit and shoot ducks all day at 25 yards he gets bored but mix it up so that he shoots from 25 to 60 yards and he will laugh and get fired up all day. when he remembers a hunt its not the birds or how many but the actual shot most of the time when he recalls this shot he doesn't remember what type of critter it was . Is this guy nuts or are more like him out there?
  2. I don't know about him, but for me taking shots on ducks at 60 yrds would be nuts!

  3. 60 yard nuts

    I have to admit he can handle the long shot very well
  4. wish i could kill a turkey at 60 yds.
  5. My pasion is bringing them in and watching my dog work. Half the time I am not the shooter, I am just the clean up man.. And then its just to finish em so my dog can gettem. I love to watch the birds work..:bonk:
  6. I'm more about the hunt than the shot. I've often wished that hunting could be catch and release like fishing but it isn't. The thrill for me is the dog work or the stalk or the tricking of the turkey to come to your call. The actual shot? I shot competively for over 20 years so the actual shot is sort of anti-climatic for me.

  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    The older I get, it's more about the experience of hunting...dogs, friends. I've come home plenty of time without firing my gun with no regrets and a sense of satisfaction.

  8. I am with Jack on this one. I appreciate the hunt much more than the shot. I feel remorse when killing wild game, almost so bad that I want to give it up....but I can't. I also agree with Pigeon. I have been out with my buddies without a gun in tow on duck hunts just so I could work my dog. At the time, it was frustrating because she doesn't always do what I ask, but when we talk about it, we always talk about the 400 yd. retrieves and me having to throw her into the water because she won't jump! That's what I enjoy about hunting...the long shots are just bonuses.
  9. Sometimes getting the dog to do what is asked of it, is long shot enough!!!
    There are days the little prince seems to have a mind of his own, and requires no imput from me.
  10. When my beagle is running deer instead of rabbits, I call him a lot of things, but little prince has never came to mind!
  11. I call the dog by his given wife started calling him the Prince, and it never sounds like a compliment when she does so.
  12. Just being out and hearind a beagle on a rabbit, and the dog bringing the rabbit around and seeing it that what I love to do more than the shot. To me its not blasting away its the hunt and a good dog. I agree with Jack
  13. Definitely about the process and being outdoors with friends more than about the shot or the kill.
  14. Most definatly the hunt is the most important! But we cannot exclude the shot for the shot could be 1 of the most important memories of the hunt and can seperate you from taking the trophy or being the dud!! it is all important because in the end it all must come together!
  15. testing of ones own skill

    my partner basically put himself thru purdue by match shooting at different gun clubs all over the states. infact he declined an offer to compete for an olympic spot because he was making too much money in private competitions. Now i hope you understand his thrill of the shot. as far as the hunt process goes he does have chessy that he works with enthusiasum. he was a goose guide in southern illinois for a time in his youth. scouting, he can locate birds in the air and on the ground and put us in the possition to have a successful hunt. he is a good shot and does stretch the the distance