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shootin style

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. how many of you bowhunters shoot with sighting pins, or instictive. personally i prefer to shoot instictively
  2. Instictive, traditional equipment is my choice.


  3. Shooting Style

    Hey Guys..

    Well, I shot traditional for many years and I won some tournaments and harvested deer. As the times changed, so did I.

    I am currently shooting a Mathews Solocam bow with a Copperjohn's Dead- Nuts fiber optic site, Copperjohn's release, Carbon Express Terminator Select arrows with Rocky Mountain broadheads.

    I still own a couple of my recurve bows that I "retired" but they are still considered part of my "favorite bow" collection.

    I am NOT an individual that condemns a person for using one type of equipment over another. I am a BOWHUNTER and I advocate "WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU... USE IT." There are numerous people and organizations out there trying to eliminate "us" and causing enough problems, "WE" DON'T need to add fuel to their fires by "fighting amongst ourselves."

    Bud Fields
  4. I take all the help I can get. Pins, kissy button, peep.
  5. I will second that!
  6. Pins and a peep sight for me. Plus, I lick my finger for wind direction. :)
  7. vertical fiber optics w/ a small peep. Windage? naaahh :tongue: A lot of my deer walk about directly under me. Not sure theres a better tree to sit in in Noble co.
  8. Whatever I can do to make myself more accurate to ensure a clean harvest. I use a release and pins and a peep sight.
  9. I use pins, a peep, and a release. A good friend of mine out here in Utah shoots instinctive and he can flat-out shoot. Gets 8 inch groups at 70 yards! He won't shoot at game that far away, but he says it makes the close shots really easy. That's good for him, but I'll stick to what works for me.
  10. No more peep !

    I've used a timber ridge sight for the last few years, 5 pins, truely used one of them, and had a peep sight. I never liked the little hassles that come up with the peep and this year will get rid of it all together.
    I just put a Hind-Sight Crossfire on my bow last night (haven't shot it yet) but will let you know how I feel about it once I have it sighted in.
  11. i use a one pin sight, no peep, and a release. i never was too good at judgeing distance past about 25 yrds. some of the most successful hunters i've seen shoot instinctive. it's all about confidence.
  12. Quail...from the looks of that thing why don't you just use a gun??? :bash:
  13. I use a scope with my crossbow.
  14. When I was young........

    When I was young I used fingers shooting compounds. I swore I'd never go to a release....Well, I lied I guess. It takes a bit to get used to a release, but after I switched I loved it. My fingers used to get so numb, but not any longer. Although I don't own a traditonal bow now, I will eventually. I've always loved recurves,so I'll eventually get one and use fingers again.....I've always thought it would be cool to use both traditional and "tricked out superbows with all the bells and whistles".