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shooting/hunting laws

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by TECHNO, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. short of calling dnr and the sherrif. i moved from illinois. we had a state park that allowed hunting once registered with the park and we had state ground around the lake. now the state park had hiking trails and you were allowed to hunt standing on the trails as long as you were you couldn`t go out during non-hunting seasons and target shoot. the state ground around the lake you didn`t have to have a special registration to hunt as long as you were could also go out during non-hunting seasons and target shoot as long as you are legal.what is it like in indiana? say i go outside of marion county to say,hancock, on state ground and target shoot in may.will i be doing something illeagal or can i only target shoot at a designated place? say i go to hoosier national forest where it`s legal to hunt. hunting off the trails is ok as long as i`m not in a non-designated hunting area? i would assume i could. the website says hunting is allowed but nowhere does it say trail hunting is a no no.

  2. You can't hunt in Indiana State parks except special drawing hunts for deer reduction. You can hunt at state fish and game areas under the that fish and game areas sign in rules and regulations. Reservoir areas are huntable as well - check with the area for sign in regs., some have no sign in. State forest and national forest areas are more open to hunting and shooting without permits.

    Here's a good Indiana DNR site about where you can hunt on public property by county-


  3. No target practicing is allowed on state/federal property except on a designated range.
  4. There is a shooting range in Sullivan County, Minnehaha Fish and Wild Life Are