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Shooting Lane

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by datasafe, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Hey All!!! I'm new to the site, and I don't see many active discussions, so I wanted to start one!! lol I want to submit a new video everyday to facilitate discussion....tell me what you think!!

    Here's the first one:

    seriously, this guy should try elephant least then, he might have a chance
  2. I'll bet that guy is still crying! That buck had nerves of steel.

  3. either that guy didn't go to the range or he dropped his gun. but anyway welcome tothe site.
  4. Maybe it would be best for him if the deer had the gun and end it all. HA!
  5. Welcome to the site, data...some neat video on your other forum.
  6. Welcome to the site.
    He would have stood a better chance throwing rocks at that buck.
  7. This Guy Should Not Be Hunting If He Cant Shoot Any Better Than That, Very Irresponsible Hunter Go To The Range For Awhile !!!!!!!
  8. Great shooting rifle, bad shooting rifleman!!

    The scope had been bumped from the last time that he shot it...he was shooting about a foot, or so, to the left. The rifle itself was dead on....

    A big buck nut trivia question: What is the buck featured on the 10 Point Rack logo for this page?
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  9. Sure looks like the Hanson buck to me.
  10. Seriously, how could someone take a third shot after missing the first two so badly?
  11. record deer

    Yeah, it is the Hanson buck. My favorite pics are BIG typicals, they're amazing.
  12. Welcome to the site


    Welcome to the site. Good video, I have seen that before. How embarrassing.


    Welcome back brother.

    Leaving for a turkey hunt in Nebraska as soon as I get off work at 4:30. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock Shut up I can't stand it anymore. :bonk:

  13. Good luck on those Nabraska birds, Dawg.
  14. Hanson Buck is a 12-Pointer

    Wayne Bills Buck

    This buck, shot in Hamilton County, Iowa (north of Des Moines) back in 1974 may have been a world record typical. But, it wasn't scored until almost 20 years later. This famous 10-pointer scores 201 4/8, and ranks as one of the Top 10 Typicals ever harvested by a hunter.
    Had the one brow tine not been broken, this buck could have scored around 209" and held the record from 1974 all the way to 1993 when Milo Hanson broke the record set by James Jordon (another giant 10-pointer scoring 206 1/8"). The Jordan Buck was shot way back in 1914 south of Danbury, Wisconsin; but wasn't officially scored until 1971!
    Remember folks, the Hanson Buck, shot near Biggar, Saskatchewan in November 1993 and scoring213 5/8", is a 12-Pointer. The heading is 10- Point Rack.
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