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Shore fishing the Northeast Corner

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by cjones46, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

    You guys know of any decent places to shore fish around the Fort Wayne/Churubusco area? When I lived in Elkhart it was fairly simple to walk down to the St. Joe and catch fish. Has anybody ever had any good luck in the Fort Wayne rivers?? If so, where and what were you hooking? I'll go after anything from crappies to catfish just point me in the right direction. Thanks guys!!!
  2. Jonesy, Try The Hershtown Resivour By Leo/grabill Area From What I Hear It Is Very Good Shore Fishing For Gills, Crappie,smallmouth Bass They Do Charge A Small Fee To Get In And Its Only Open Certain Hrs Of The Day But Good Fishing I Hear Something To Try With Easy Access, Also St. Joe River In Spencerville Is Decent Catfishing Used To Fish There When I Was A Kid!!! Good Luck,

  3. I looked into that ressy and it doesn't open until MAY 7!!! ***!?
  4. i hit enter and ended that last post prematurely
    i'm gonna try it out though once it does open. thanks for the heads up
  5. In the summer time I ride my bike out there with a pack rod and bike/fish my way all around the reservoir. I get some nice exercise, as it is ~20 miles round trip for me, and I usually manage to catch some smallmouth. It has also been stocked with walleye, but I have yet to catch one.

  6. It actually opens on May 3rd. More info here.

  7. Bixler Lake in Kendallville has lots of shore access. Its completely surrounded by city park. The channel on the north end can be good for crappies and bluegills this time of year right after ice out. Lots of spawning bluegills can be reached when they start nesting.
  8. piggy i looked at that exact website earlier today haha
    dont ask me how i got the 7th of may?? clueless as usual :coco:

    i may have to try bixler this weekend...thanks for your help fellas

  9. SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Don't let Weimer hear that...... Yeah I've been there quite a few times in the past, with GOOD results. The most overlooked fish are the Channel Cats. There are some toads in there......
  10. A few years back I watched people fishing the St. Joe river at Johnny Appleseed Park in Ft Wayne. They were east of the coliseum, and south of the Colliseum Blvd. bridge. They were catching catfish, bass, and pike. Sometimes in the spring they did pretty good.
  11. You aren't the first person I've heard suggest that spot by appleseed park. with any luck i'll get out twice this weekend so i can give that a shot too.
  12. Went to Bixler this morning
    there were about 25 guys on that north channel so I shoe horned myself in there.

    first hour and a half was slow but then the wind died down and i got into 6 or 7 barely legal smallies, a couple decent perch and one minnow that was so small i'm not sure how he managed to put a hook in his mouth haha.

    could not find a bluegill save my hind parts. didnt bring home dinner but had a great time anyway. Thanks for the heads up fellas!!!