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Shot placement

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by MI Duck Hunter, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. When hunting coyote, where is the best place to shoot them?

  2. The chest or shoulder area I believe is best, the head is a smaller target and depending if you want to get it mounted a head shot may be harder to fix.

  3. Right Between The Eyes, Or Right Behind The Ear.
  4. Yes... in a trap.

    Shoulder/Neck with any centerfire 22. Lungs with anything smaller and within reasonable range.
  5. Shoot'em in the lips..... Wait a minute thats where you shoot ducks.:bonk:
  6. I thought you shot them in a field? :bonk:
  7. I always aim for their shoulder, puts 'em down every time....
  8. I'm hunting them with a 995 Carbine...Which is chambered for 9mm...Where would you shoot them then if your looking for selling the furs...I'm afraid the 9mm with FMJ will do more damage than anything...
  9. I don't have experience with the 9mm FMJ shooting animals but i've shot a lot of stuff with 9mm,(pistol and carbine), and I don't think FMJ would do much on a lung shot. It would seem to me the bullet would go right on through everything without mushrooming much at all...

    But..... I've been wrong before,