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Shotgun / Rifle license bill in current legislation

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by lilkrou, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. House Bill 1417 states:
    Regulation of rifles and shotguns. Prohibits a person from carrying a rifle or shotgun in public after December 31, 2006, unless the person obtains a license to do so from the state police. Provides certain exceptions. Makes the penalties for carrying a rifle or shotgun without a license the same as the penalties for carrying a handgun without a license. Prohibits a person from possessing a rifle or shotgun in a motor vehicle while the vehicle is in operation on a public highway or the vehicle is located on the right-of-way of a public highway unless the rifle or shotgun is: (1) unloaded; and (2) contained in the locked trunk of the motor vehicle or, if the motor vehicle is not equipped with a trunk, a locked case, or other secure container.

    This is currently in Legislation that could become law this year. That would require every one of us that hunt with guns, to have to get a license, similar to the personal protection permit required for hand guns.

    What do you think?
  2. Illkrou, I Have Not Heard Of Such A Proposed Bill But If You Say So, I Believe You. This Is One Of Those Proposed Bills That Needs To Be Fully Disclosed To The Hunters And Shooters Of This State And A Massive Call -in To Our Representatives Enacted.

    Statistics Show That A Very Small Minority Of All Crimes Involving A Firearm Are Committed With A Long Gun. There Is No Reason For Passing This Bill, Let Your Representative Know How You Feel. We Cannot Give An Inch On This Issue, If We Do, Sooner Or Later They Will Come For All Our Guns.

    Can We At Least All Agree On This One Thing, That This Is Something That Needs To Be Defeated. How About It Bocephus, Are You With Me On This One.

    Illkrou, Do You Have Any More Info On This, Who Is The Bill Sponsor?

  3. Bill Authors

    Authored by Representative Mays and Coauthored by Representative Day. I do not know which district they are from...will check later if needed.
  4. Well Rep. Day & Mays need to go !That would be a bad bill to pass.But i think it would have no chance ,for now anyway.
  5. If you go to the Bill Watch section of the Indiana Government Website you can see the action list of all of the proposed bills. This one went to it's first reading on January 12 to the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. The Bill has also been taken off the watch list because it did not make it past the first reading. The Bill is dead this session but does not mean it can't be reintroduced in later sessions.
  6. Pretty soon we'll have to have a permit to crap in the woods.
  7. That would be indecent exposure for sure and that's already a crime.
  8. Well I don't like the idea and I know that outlaws and crooks would obey that law.
  9. Why December 31??? There is still hunting going on after that, I mean legally of course. Like yotes!!! Or any furbearing animal for that matter. There might be birds and other things too, but thats all I can think of for now, and all I usually hunt in the beginning of the year.


    P.S. What about when i'm huntin for the wife??? :biggrin:
  10. On top of that i might find the pile and mistake it for deer poop and smear it on my boots:cheeky-sm