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Shout Out! Kudos to Stuben CO/Fremont folks

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Old Ironsights, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I'd like to make a Shout Out to thank Todd & Chris of Travel Emporium in Fremont.

    Todd found my mother's cell phone in the parking lot sometime around 9:30 Friday night after they had stopped there on their way from MC to Washington DC to see their newest grandbaby.

    He called me on redial and I was able to coordinate with the Manager (Chris) to fax him a UPS shipping label so he could forward the phone on to her.

    Kudos & Thanks.

    You folks over there in Stuben County got class. :bowdown:
  2. We certainly do! J/K. Glad the phone was returned.

  3. Nothing but good people, lots of lakes, little fish and small bucks
  4. I know of no cool people up there...only turds.
  5. Oh now 103 I know
  6. Easy now :biggrin:

    Nothing but good people in the Big ol' town of Fremont. You know, as our water tower states in town, "Fremont, a place to come home too."
  7. Hey! I'm not a turd! ... I might smell, but I'm no turd!:)
  8. But maybe not to learn spelling... ;) :tongue: :biggrin:
  9. Good deal, there is a low of honest people around. GOOD DEAL SHOUT IT OUT THANKS
  10. :banghead3 .. Haha. Ooops. But you can't get to strick, I have never heard of Stuben CO.:hide: :evil: ;) :bouncy:.....A lot of great people!
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  11. Ok, I'll add a letter you subtract one - then we'll be even :biggrin:

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