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  1. didnt take pix today as i gave all what i found away (besides sum blewits) .... found the following .... chickens, blewits, gem studded and giant puffs, comb tooths (teeth) lol , parasols, entalomas (aborted and unaborted), purple gilled laccaria, and sum past prime oysters .... i believe that in a few days the woods will be PAKCED with edibles ! ...good luck to all !
  2. Found a bunch of mushrooms while deer huntin, Could u tell me which ones are edible or what they look like.

  3. coon thats pretty much impossible .... is very hard to explain shrooms via the net without pix ... im sorry ... im not tryin to be rude .. just a very hard thing to do .... my best advice is to try to hook up with a shroomer in ya area .... and get sum books .... and be very careful ... there are sum out there that will kill ya !!
  4. Great advice! I agree 100% - you need to get with someone local to show you. Pick a couple of safe ones to start like puffballs. Make sure they real fresh and haven't got too many bugs and try a little out. Some people are sensitive to mushrooms that most others can eat. Be careful!
  5. Don't worrie i ain't about to eat any mushroom that i don't know about. The only edible mushroom (wild) is the morel.
  6. I had a botany class this weekend and we found a ton of edibles. I'm not too good with my mushroom identifacation so I only harvested about 15 puff balls and enough chicken of the woods to be happy for a while. We found a few oysters and I took some coral. It was a very happy spent two days in the woods.
  7. Remember Gills-Kills...underside of cap.
  8. there are lotsa edible shrooms with gills ..... just have to know which ones are edible
  9. Theres a bunch of edible gilled shrooms out right now, Blewits, Shaggys, parasols just a few I can think of.

    Yeah if you don't know what your're doing please don't eat ANY!