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  1. My GSP was sprayed by a skunk on Sunday, He hunted hard the rest of Sun. and all Day Monday. He now is super lathargick, with his tail tucked and just lays around. He is never like this, is it possible that he is sick from the skunk spray??

  2. I had never heard of a dog getting sick from a skunk, so I looked around a little.
    You may want to read the following.

    This artical talked about the same thing, you may want to get him to a vet.

  3. I am no vet

    I also am only offering advice and not implying anything. I would check my dog out thoroughly. I would take a look at her stool. I don't know your dogs age or how much you have conditioned it. It may be just sore and tired. If the condition persists more than about 3 days though I think I would have her checked out. I can't see it being the skunk, but I suppose it is possible. I know no matter how hard I try the dog has times when I can't always see what it is up to and may eat something that isn't good for it. As she has gotten older she doesn't do it often. Good luck and keep us posted on your results and findings. Jeff
  4. Team Abby--

    Very interesting article, I appreciate the response and I think the vet is in order. To answer your question, he is in great shape and is only 2 1/2 years old, My other dog isn't phased a bit from our 3 day hunt, so I think it is more skunk or maybe drinking some bad water out of a ditch or something.

    None the less Thanks

    Good Luck on The season
  5. Quail Dancer-- I am courious on hunting these Terriers like in the article, I would never own a terrier but I would think it could be very exciting.

    Thanks for the article
  6. I hunt with a boykin spaniel, have a german shep. that does home security for me and a family "pet" dog that's a rat terrier. The rat dog does well in agility as does the spaniel. All of the dogs are house dogs/pets, think they own the place. The spaniel can hunt like a demon, upland or waterfowl.
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Let us know how he's doing...I'm hoping he's just tired after a long hunt (Mine just lies around the day after.) Hope it's nothing to do with the skunk. But the spray is really strong so maybe....always safe to run to the vet.
  8. Any update on your dog Dock? Is it getting any better?
  9. Good News--

    The dog is fine, I think he iether drank some bad ditch water or the skunk had something to do with it, he ate huge amounts of grass, and puked them up several times on Wednesday, I kept checking on him all day, as the day went on he kept getting better, And he was eating tons of dog food.

    Thanks for all posts and inputs

    I hunted him 6 hours yesterday and he was fine.

    We shot 3 Roosters and 5 Quail

    I think the quail had a double hatch this year, they are like bumble bees out there.

    Bird season is shaping up nicely