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  1. Guys, I finally got the opportunity to get scope on muzzleloader sighted in on the new muzzleloader. I have a nikon prostaff scope with the BDC recticle.

    Question.......would you keep zero at 25 yards and use the first dot below zero for 100 yards? Obviously the scope is designed for bazillion yards past 100. I cannot see taking a shot beyond 100 yards here in Indiana. (at least for now)

    I seem to estimate better taking crosshairs upward vs downward....if that makes sense.

    What do you think?

  2. I'd zero at 100 , your trajectory isn't going to rise or fall any more than 2 or 3 inches between 0 and 100 yards......
  3. :yeahthat: I have mine just a little high at 60yrds and right on at 100yrds.
  4. Zero for 100, unless you know where your crossover is, then zero there.

    (i.e. the 250yd crossover for an AR is 50yds...)
  5. Actually I was hoping that would be the case at 25 yards and with a little luck the first dot on the BDC reticle would be at 100....I will know in 2 days. I believe Nikon set this up for 100, 200, 300 etc but I may be wrong.

    Thanks all for the info.
  6. I'm an inch high at 50 yards and close to center at 100 yards OldRookie. How much powder are you using with what grain bullet?
  7. load

    I am going to range tonight. I have been using 80g of triple 7 pellets and will use 245 power belt. Its interesting, I shot 100g of pellets thinking it would cause the groups to flatten and go higher. Extra powder at short range made no difference.

    When I move to the 100 yard table, I'll start with 80g and probably zero with 80g. Then I want to see what the difference is with 100g pushing at longer distance.
  8. Im trying to remember what the goofey little dots are for im thinking that scope is made for 100-200 and 250