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signing off...

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, May 25, 2006.

  1. Take care everybody...the fisherman know where to reach me...10-4

  2. Hey where you going, hope all is well.
  3. No guys...bought a new computer a few weeks back, having nothing but trouble with it. So to get online I have to use my old one and it is about ready to give up the ghost. The way it was acting last night, I thought I was done. So if I leave for awhile it is because I aint smart enough to get my new one going. Hopefully my "computer guru" (aka #1 son) can get me up and running sometime today. I am ready to throw this thing in the trash right along with my new one! But anyway, just keep that in mind if you dont see me lurking around in here! And I can always be reached through fire831...but I hope it doesnt come to that!!!!!:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  4. Hopefully you'll be back soon, Rico. Take care.
  5. I thought there might have been a mushroom rush in Canada.
    Hang in there Rico.
  6. No, I wouldnt go to Canada!!!!! Word is my modem is bad on my new computer...heading to Radio Shack...hopefully I will be up and running in a few because I am tired of taking 30 minutes just to type this message in...I guess I am an addict!!!!!!
  7. Bad modem in a new computer. Who would have thought?:coco: Not that I know what the hell that even means! Back up and running and this baby is purring like a kitten!!!!! I cant believe how much faster it is!!!!! Get ready for a barrage of new posts!!!!!!!
  8. Good deal, Rico, glad to hear you're up and runnin'
  9. post #1 with the new computer...thanx qd!!!!!!!!
  10. How was the 'shrooMin in Canada, Rico?
  11. Shroons and jelly doughnuts...that's just nasty
  12. Who needs Canada when I can find them in my backyard? The new computer is nice!!!!!!!!