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silly michigan fans...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by cjones46, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. so I'm in Kroger Saturday trying to hustle out so I don't miss too much of the draft. I was standing in checkout behind a "Gentleman" (i use the term very loosely) wearing a University of Michigan T-Shirt and hat, minding my own business mind you, wearing my favorite ol' ND ballcap.

    Its about 4 years old, i've worn it every day since, its beaten and worn but it feels like an extension of my head.

    Anyway this "Gentleman" in front of me turns to me out of nowhere, with the most obnoxious look on his face, and asks the following. "Gee what happened to your precious quarterback today??" Obviously making reference to ex-ND QB Brady Quinn's slippage to 22 in the draft. Honestly I was a bit upset by the news...I bleed green. :mad:

    Being quick witted and sharp I coolly smiled, and offered this reply:
    "Gee, when is the last time you guys beat Ohio State??" :evilsmile

    His obnoxious smile vanished in an instant. He payed for his junk and walked outta the store without looking back...too bad...I think we could have been friends :coco:.

    Let the war of words begin...Michigan fans try to keep up :mischeif:. ND fans...use small words and speak slowly :hide:.

    (this thread is meant to start a good natured argument about college football (since i don't have any dead turkeys to talk about)...don't take it personally and lets me try to be little boys about this haha!!)
  2. On the same note...

    Patriots...winning the SB this year...

  3. [​IMG]
  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:coolgleam
  5. They make a big deal about picking up Moss and they have a quarterback that has made his living throwing dinks. Moss doesnt have the balz for the short dink over the middle. Looking forward to his first hit!;)
  6. Nothing better in football than a great decoy. If nothing else, Randy Moss will keep one corner occupied all the time, and the safety honest. The Pats offense has revolved around the short to medium range passing game, but, that is more because they haven't had any real gamebreakers on the edge, and less because of Tom's arm. He can lay the ball out there at 30 or 40 yards, and if Randy gets off the ball, and gets a step on his man, that is where he will catch the ball. Moss is as much about YAC as anyone the league has ever seen. I can't stand him as a person, but he is 30 and still turning 4.28 40 yard dashes, that kind of speed changes a game.
  7. I suppose you'd rather get excited about the team that the "Dink" throwing qb has made a living annihilating on his way to 3 super bowl championships??

    Just cause the colts put on little ding in his armor don't think you can start talking like you own tom brady and the Pats. You've beat him ONCE when it mattered in the last 6 years...they still own your little blue and white souls. This year I'm sure they'll be more than happy to remind of that fact come playoff time.

    I wanted to argue about college football but apparently michigan fans dont know how to use computers yet. :evilsmile
    I'll be more than happy to argue NFL with ya haha
    lets all hug :grouphug: after we're done though
  8. Moss is going to destroy this team. He is a crybaby, his sportsmanship is non existant, and he has arms like my 8ry old daughter!!! His arms don't bother me as much as his mouth and his "gator" arms when thrown to over the middle. Brady is a great QB and Belicheck is one hell of a coach but this nut won't listen to them. I give it one full season and if the kid shuts up great if not he is gone. I like how he said he wants to go to a Championship team maybe this wanting will keep his big mouth shut.
  9. At first I thought the same, but as much as I hate Randy, hes not Terrell Owens. He whines and can be a pain, but he has never destroyed a team, he has been on teams that were already destroyed. There are several veterans that are going to put him in his place. You don't think if he steps out of line, Rodney Harrison, Teddi Bruschi, and others will slap him in his mouth? Personally, I hope he does step out a little bit, just to see him get punked by real football players. And if it does get really bad, I don't think the Pats will hesitate to just cut him. They have never had a problem doing it before...

  10. Have you guys won a bowl game in the last 15 years. I believe we have beaten OSU 6-7 times since you last won a bowl game! Better bring back Lou Holtz to get it done!!
  11. Im A Clevland Browns Fan So Needless To Say Im One Happy Camper Right Now, Going To Be Lots Of Sorry People When Quinn Is Hooking Up With Winslow For All Those Tds This Year!! At Last Something To Get Excited About At The Start Of A New Season!!!!
  12. Winslow? WINSLOW!!!....That's funny right there I don't care what anybody says!!!
  13. Ha, ha! This is a funny thread, Jones.

    Also being quick-witted, I would have replied, "It's a shame that you have to rely on teams you don't root for to boost your ego. I could do that if I wanted to, by bringing up USC. Michigan beat OSU in 2003, but Notre Dame hasn't won against USC since 2001." ;)
  14. ouch
    man you went right for the jugular didn't you josh haha

    Yes you have beaten them 6 times since we last won a bowl game. You've also only beaten twice outta the last 8 years, not exactly setting the world on fire.

    And by the way, michigan's overall bowl record is 18-22.

    The difference between ND fans and michigan fans is that we know we are no longer a power house. We're an upper middle class football school, we can't be mentioned in the same class as USC, Texas or Florida. WE KNOW THIS. You guys on the other hand, still place yourself in that upper echelon. The problem is every time you play a real upper level team you get exposed. (See above bowl record and recent record versus OSU.) You aren't winning Championships, you aren't getting guys drafted in the first round (I am aware that you had one this year, so did ND, Central Michigan and Ol' Miss).

    Welcome to upper middle class michigan...make yourselves long as lloyd carr is coach your sticking around.

    and please believe if I could bring back Lou Holtz I would in a second.