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simple question

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldbuckkiller, Jul 19, 2006.

simple question about getting your deer of ajoining land

Poll closed Sep 17, 2006.
  1. Yes, this would be great no waste of deer.

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  2. No, this would not be a great idea even for my deer.

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  3. Maybe, this would be a great idea under specil reasons.

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  1. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    Guys i was wanting to know if you would be in favor of having this put in place as a deer hunting rule. All hunters have a right to track their deer even on another property to include in their bag limit for deer. Iowa has a deer rule like this what do you guys think.
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  2. Simple Answer

    Stop posting.

  3. jokes over obk!! be a man and come clean or stop wasting everybody's time.
  4. I am going to be picking at my brain in a few from going like this....:coco:
  5. And then move to Iowa.........sounds like you'll love it over there.
  7. I believe that's the Law, BRICH60.
  8. i think the retrieval of deer on other peoples property should be allowed only under DNR supervision if you cant get permission first from the landowner. I dont think a land owner should be allowed to tell you NO even though you know your deer is dead and on his property. Does seem like a waste to me, but under current law you are not permitted to retrieve that deer. A DNR officer can try to talk the landowner into letting you get the deer while he supervises, but if the land owner says no then you are screwed a DNR officer cant even go get it. I guess it all just basically depends on how well liked you are in the area that you hunt.

    Anywho buck these polls you keep making are killilng the majority of us. So settle down please and dont make anymore crazy polls. If you want to talk about something find a thread that it might fit into and post it there. But please make it a legit thought or opinion. Im dying here trying to figure you out... I cant put my finger on where youll go next its killing me. Just find where your comments fit in and place them there youll get discussions faster that way. Or take JL's advice and just read what everyone has to say.
  9. Well I usally don't post on your Threads but I had to, I don't know if your real or just a nut. The answer to your question NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, help us out and move (I can here IOWA calling for you). Sorry just the way I feel. If you come on my land without asking me your going to have more trouble than tracking a deer. You must be a OUTLAW + a nut
  10. On my property..... While I'm hunting...?????? I thought you were a doe. Sorry! I've went to houses that were way the hell out of my way, just to make sure I was not going to interrupt somebody else's hunt. Never know You may spook the deer they've spent 3 years watching... or worse- they might think you were a doe......
  11. Wow you guys are tough on oldbuckkiller. I guess being new to the site I missed the reasons why but I do agree that you can't enter anothers property without permission first. I also think that when asked any land owner that does not allow a wounded animal to be recovered in some way even if he does it for you is 100% wrong. This of course assumes the animal was taken legally and on property in which the person has permission.
  12. up roar

    I dont think this important enough for anyone to get their panties in an up roar. Just don't post.