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Site Time????

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by JL, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Something screwy is definitely up with the time on here. I noticed it yesterday, but I thought it was me. I just made a post, though, and it didn't go to the top of the new posts, because the time was different. Some of the posts are apparently being made in the future!:coco:
  2. Oh, and by the way, my last message was the second posted in this thread, and it is above Brew's original post...:yikes: :coco: :yikes:

  3. Is the time off on this SITE???? looks as to be!!!!!!:coco:
  4. I noticed it changed in the last 5 minutes as well. The posts were in the future, but the site time is back to GMT -5. It was GMT -4 about 5 minutes ago!
  5. It must be those terrorist!!! Everybody run first they change the time and next it's the day and then month and then year and before you know it we won't know anything!!!!!!
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I'm sure after the Democrats big win, they have something to do with it.
  7. Steve is on hunting vacation -we'll have to wait for him to get back to take a look at the problem.
  8. The time has been off on here since the time change a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I still think it's terrorists!!!
  10. If the clock wasn't tied down...chech Mitch's pockets. I mean if the guy can sell a toll road...
  11. It was working fine before Brad Ellsworth beat John Hostettler in yesterday's election...crazy Democrats :bash: