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Skinning Squirrels

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by MrBuckfly, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. How do you guys skin your Squirrels?I cut the tail,step on the tail and peel the hide off.Its a pretty simple method and works well for me.

  2. I get them wet first (the hair don’t stick to the meat as bad then) then skin them out.

  3. After you get the skin off all of them and before you butcher them up in to pieces, get out a propane torch and just wave it across the skin.

    Any hair you miss is vaporized.

    I do the same once I get the hide off a deer.
  4. great idea

    good idea Jack I had forgot about that the gentleman that used to butcher my deer would do the same thing. Skinning squirrels I usuall cut around the center and then use it to pull both ways at once has worked well for me in the past but may try the pulling from the tail option.
  5. Dip my squirrels in a 2 gallon bucket of very warm water to warm them up, cut head, tail, feet off, slice through skin on back big enough to get my fingers in, put until one half comes off, do other half, rinse hands and carcass in water, gut, cut into pieces, put in Ziploc sandwich bag. One squirrel to bag, drop in chest freezer. I can then take as many or as few as I want to the kitchen, thaw out for later cooking, or just put them in a large stew pot with a small amount of water, turn on low, and go do something for a while. A little salt, teaspoon of butter, teaspoon of mayonaise while simmering. Mmmmm Good!
  6. 'nother tail cutter

    I do the tail thing, too, usually hang them off the tailgate and make the cut while the critter hangs there and the tail is on the tailgate. Lickety split. Fella told me it was the Sioux Indian method. Could be bunk, but it sounds good.
  7. I cut them in the middle of the back and pull both ways. I've not had much luck with the tail method. Probably didn't do it right.

  8. I've used the tail method, only after i cut the tail i stand on the feet and pull the tail rather than the body. From the way it sounds, my way is more difficult. Time to change.
  9. I make a small cut across the back/spine, then I pull in both directions. Works every time.
  10. Split at the tail through the tail bone...stand on the tail and pull up by the back legs. This skins it up the back and then go from there. There used to be an old guy that bought the brains off my Dad. After cleaning the squirrels we always ran them over to his house. Must be some kind of delicacy like monkey brains or something. Anyone else ever tried squirrel brains?
  11. im confused on the cut the tail step on the head method. What part of the tail are you gutting and what are you pulling on when you step on their head?? Do you guys only cut the tails or what?? Can someone give me a rundown on this step by step. I usually make the cut on the back and skin them by halves like taking a sock off both ends of the squirrel. I am interested in hearing about this cutting the tail standing on head method.
  12. If you have assistance, have them hold both hind legs apart. You hold the tail and make a cut between the base of the tail and the anus, cutting through the hide and tail bone across the lower section of the squirrel...critical DO NOT cut through too far and rip the tail off. Place foot firmly on tail on ground, grab 2 back legs and pull up. This will skin the back of the squirrel all the way down to the head. Let go of tail. Pull hide on underside from back legs to head. Pull legs from inside hide and cut off feet (side cuts work good for this). Cut off head and pull front legs out of hide and cut off feet. Gut squirrel. Cut off rib cage if you prefer (not much meat), soak squirrel and cut into 5 pieces (2 front legs, back, 2 back legs). Be sure to take the glands out from under their front legs. They are sweat glands. You are good to go now dude!
  13. I skin my Squirrels the same way. However I field dress them right in the woods and place them on Ice ASAP. One other thing I do is carry a pair of pruning shears and remove the front paws first. This allows you to pull the skin right off past the front legs.
  14. now that you have skinned the rat

    give me a way to cook the little rodent that will make him tender and tastee
    they are always tough and stingy, yes i have baked slow and crockpotted. what am i doing wrong?:banghead3