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Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. How many of you use slates, and what kinds do you use? I had one that was just junk and i'm getting a couple more to see how they work.
  2. i like a good slate. they have the best tone of them all. i have two glass calls but don't like their dead sound. i have my eye eye on a knight and hale slate made of rosewood. about 40 dollars. the thing about a good slate is how soft they can sound. purrs sound so great. alot ofthese calls out now priced cheap are junk. especially the box calls. the only draw back to a slate is if it is wet.

  3. Cant go wrong with the primos freak. I called in my first turkey with it and i couldnt get him out of strut to shoot him at 8 yards. We waived at him and chirped at him, and finally i think he got tired of the decoy not putting out so he stopped strutting just long enough to take a federal tureky load upside his beak.

    And it comes with a snap on cover to keep it dry.
  4. I use a slate, I'll have to dig in my bag of tricks and see what brand it is and let you know. Like scrapewatcher said, the different sounds you can make on a slate make it the best versatile call, in my opinion. I've found lately though that some people don't like my opinion much...snicker snicker :dizzy:
  5. i still say it was a bear:yikes:
  6. I did too scrapewatcher...but Cary has solved the whole thing...see his new thread with the beast pictured!!!
  7. When I want to call in Turkeys I always just yell, "Hey fellas, come here man"!!! Calls 'em in by the dozens. No one has ever answered my question about how you know that those big males are named Tom???:bonk:
  8. I carry 2 types of friction calls, one glass and one slate. I even have one that is slate , glass and aluminum that I will carry on occasion. You never know what sound they will respond to. There have been times when I have not had any response with one type, switched calls and get a response from a bird that I did not even know was around. I also carry different types of strikers, this allows me to produce different sounds with the same type of friction call. I don't think that any one manufacture's brand has a distinct advantage over another, it's just in how you use it and what they want to hear.
  9. i just got the two new slates i ordered and i must say that i'm impressed with them just by listening to them. I got the Knight & Hale Queen Slate, and the Sweet Hen. The latter is really soft and I think it will work quite well on public ground. The both sound great but i will have to wait and see how it goes in the woods. Got both calls for about $25.
  10. that sweet hen makes great tree yelps. i got one last yr.
  11. Hey's what's in my "bag of goodies"...H.S. Strut Li'l Deuce Slate w/carbon striker, Lynch's Long Beard Turkey Call Model 150 (Box), Hammerin' Crow Call, and H.S. Strut Palmer's Hoot Tube (Owl).

    I've called in some birds but nothing within shooting distance yet...except for the one that snuck up on me last year, while I was working some other birds, and gobbled in my right ear...didn't get a shot or even see him after the gobbling.

    Good Luck!!!
  12. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I got a slate at the BSTS and it is a turkey tamer, made here in Indiana. I like it very well so far.