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Slick Trick Broadheads.........GET 'EM!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Here is the site..............

    The New German Sharpened Blades are in. I just assembled these heads with the new blades.....and am just TOTALLY impressed. I've worked at an Archery shop for many a year and have yet to handle blades this sharp. It's pretty intimidating to say the least.

    Combine that with the rugged steel construction, and fixed 4 blades that fly exactly like your field tips at 300 fps................

    I know, I know........everyone has a broadhead they lean too...........but.........if your out to try something else............for God's sake men...........pick up a pack.

    (Did I mention the blades are just WICKED sharp..........don't know how they did it..........seen hundreds of blades...........these have "hemorage" written all over them)

    UNREAL!!!! .......My hat is off to this little company and this Broadhead Design. :coolgleam
  2. I have heard nothing but praise about these little guys.

  3. I just ordered some of these from Terry Redman's site on Wednesday. I've been a Steelforce fan for years, but have wanted to try these out. Terry's site is one of the few that has the 06 Magnums in right now. Gary from Slick Trick has been struggling with getting his supplier of the new blade to keep up with demand. If you order 06 Magnums from him right now they will be on back order.

    Mine should be here today or tomorrow. I'm itching to try them out. I've read nothing but amazing things about these heads for the past couple years.
  4. Thanks for the information on these, Dew...I may just have to give them a try.
    I love my Razorbacks, they fly like my fieldpoints, but I do wish they'd leave a heavier trail. Slick Tricks sounds like they may be a good way to go.
  5. Dew, are you getting a commision?

    Ordered a set last Friday, they should be here in time for the hunt this weekend.
  6. i was waiting to get my string served the other day and i heard the guy at the counter talking about the rage broadheads he said they are so far back ordered that anybody ordering them wont see them till after season. If thats true these things must be just lethal and amazing at the sametime. has anyone shot them anybody have any idea why these things are so coveted. Just found it curious... im gonna stick to my Zwickey Eskimo 2-blade heads that can be sharpened with a file.
  7. I saw a doe SmokeyZ shot with a Rage. It was a rear quartering away shot angle. The entry was amazing (they do open 100% upon impact)...inside the deer was about at 3" cut! I was pretty impressed with the Rage. If you are interested in the Rage and can't get any there is another option. Rocky Mountain Snyper is the same rear deploying design....actually I am pretty sure the present Rage were designed from the Snyper design. The only difference is that the Rocky's have the rubberband on the front and not the rear.
  8. Rage

    When I checked in my doe, there was a guy there who'd shot a buck with the Rage (odd colored buck)........WOW, talk about a hole! It was impressive. Still not sure I'd ever go back to mechanicals, but was hard to arguee with the results shown on his deer.
  9. I got my 06 Slick Tricks yesterday. Going to shoot a couple tonight (if the rain stops). These new blades are SCARY sharp. If you look at them just right I think they will cut you.:yikes:
  10. DEC, how'd they fly? I'm still waiting on mine to arrive, should be in the next day or two.
  11. Quail..............If interested I have some with the old blades in them......perfect for practising and not dingin' up the new ones when they come in. Let me know if you want one.......I'll drop it off for you to try and sight in with over a lunch this week if your still in Warsaw for work......but then again.........they'll fly just like your field tips.
  12. Well, I ordered 6. My impressions out of the package was WOW. Very sharp. Look kind of like a Muzzy (which I'm not a fan of), but much shorter. Just by the feel of them, you can tell they are nearly indestructible.

    So, I got home last night put one on an arrow and took a second arrow with a field point out to my Black Hole target. I shot at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards 3 times each. At 20 and 30 yards, the field tip and the Slick trick would literally hit the same spot, at least within 1/2". I figure most of that deviation was simply due to me and I get that just shooting field tips.

    40 yards, nearly the same thing. At 50 yards, needless to say I was extremely impressed. I was stacking them in there with no more then 2" difference between the two. Again, this is the same accuracy I get out of my field points, so most of the deviation is due to the shooter.

    So, I'd say that the claims that Gary (the owner of Slick Tricks) makes about them flying truly like a field tip, is very true. BUT and I preface this with a big BUT, like any broad head, I feel it is extremely critical that you have a well tuned bow. My set up is a Switchback XT that is meticulously tuned by myself. I am very anal to say the least about my bow and how it is tuned. In reality, I've shot Steelforce for several years and they fly like my field tips as well. But as of today, I have a quiver full of Slick Tricks. I really want to shoot a couple deer with these and put them through the ultimate test.

    Great heads!:coolgleam

    Oh and by the way, the broad head that I was shooting into the target, after I was done ... still can shave hair off my arm. Way cool!
  13. Thanks DEC and Dew, I'm looking forward to these, they should be flying by the weekend! I've never had broadheads fly better than the Razorbacks I use, but I'm not happy with the bloodtrail they leave. Sounds to me like the Slick Tricks are what I've been looking for. One does wonder why they are farily cheap with all the glowing reports they've recieved.
  14. I shoot the Rage now and love them so far. Hope to get a big buck soon with them soon. I ordered mine in late Aug. and didn't get them until Sept. 23-24. How long is the estimated delivery on the back-ordered SlickTrick?
  15. 1 doe late...

    Yesterday while I was hiking to my stand, the mailman was delivering my slick tricks. I called my wife to let her know I dropped a doe, she says "oh, your broadheads came today".

    They look impressive, went together easy, should make very nice holes!!

    I did get a fantastic blood trail on yesterdays doe using the Razorbacks, poor girl only went about 30 yards before falling...but I look forward to giving the Slick Tricks a try real soon.