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Slug Gun Favorites

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Just curious as to what all of your favorite deer gun is...whether is a ML or shotgun. I normally use my CVA Magbolt 150 50 cal. but bought an H&R Ultra Slug gun this week. Really excited about using that this year. I have 13 guns, including 3 other slug guns but just like shooting a single shot for some reason. so i guess the cva will be jealous when i sleep with the new 12 ga. this year night before season opener instead ;)
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I've had a Ithica Model 97, 12 gauge for about 10 years now and love it for deer. I've been thinking about buying a new barrel for it so i can hunt turkeys with it. Right now i prefer a Remington 870 express for gobblers.
870 with a hastings cantilevered rifled barrel. 3x9 scope. I use sabots a friend makes for me. He has a lyman bullet mold for a slug that fits in a shotgun wad. The wad acts as the sabot, blue dot powder. Great loads, as good as any factory sabots I've used. I've killed around 20 deer with them and they penetrate and mushroom well.
goggleyes hes tryin to get me to run those slugs through my Ultra Slug gun this year. My luck i will get the misfire on a big one if i use them :) Be about like sittin in "snap cove" probably
Never had a misfire. I missed this year cause the 870 got dropped off the 4-wheeler down in Parke County and threw off the scope.:banghead3 . Had 1 1/2 inch groups at 100 yds!
Mossberg 695 Bolt action slug gun with Leopold(sp?) scope. Good gun for the money.
On the same note, what's everybody's preference of deer slug? Personally, I go with either A Brenneke Rottweiler, or Brenneke K.O. Best rifled slugs I have every shot!
I use a Mossberg 500 with smooth bore slug barrel with a 3X9X32 Simmons scope I got 20 years ago. Only slug I use is Remington slugger 2 3/4" 1oz rifled. Killed a small doe and a 10 point buck this past season dropping both with one shot where they stood.

My primary deer gun is a 50 cal Knight Wolverine II, shooting 265 grain TC Sphire point ballistic tips. I like the Muzzleloader for long range shooting and improved accuracy. I have a Simmons 6X24X50 on top and a Harris bipod underneat this piece... it's a wickedly accurate gun. I've had three Knight's and loved them all... this is my newest. Took this buck at 140 yards, my average yardage on four deer this year was 137 yards!! :coolgleam

Just for old times sake I'll get out a Browning and kill a deer each year... I've had two browning BPS's and I really like them both. When I do feel nestalgic I usually use the following;

Browning 12 Gauge BPS shooting Winchester SuperX (2-3/4" or 3")

(Can't find a deer picture with the BPS in it... you'll have to use your imagination) :biggrin:
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I Am A True Believer In This Gun. This Year I Took A Seven Pointer In The Prone Position At About 80 Yards. I Had To Take Two Shots. The First Was Below It And After Adjusting My Windage And Elevation On My Scope I Hit It Square In The Heart. Love The Gun Thinks It Is Great
My favorite slug gun is a Rem.870.Smoothbore with a rifled choke.Simmons scope,1-1/2 -5 X 32.Shoot 3 in. Rem.1-oz.Slugger slugs.Tight groups to 100 yds.They hit hard.Shot doe in Maryland at 124 yds,last year.Doe in NY at 80 2003.& A 8 pt. buck & doe in NY in 2002.ect.I'm happy with results.I know rifled barrels & sabots are awesome but if ain't broke why fix it ,right.
For me its the 870 deer model with Copper Solid 2 3/4" slugs...
I own a Mossberg 695 Bolt Action. After 4 rounds of super x slugs I nicknamed it "The Beast"!
I used a Marlin blot action for several years. I get sub 2" groups @ 100 yards. I just bought a Thompson Encore with a slug barrel. Looking forward to seeing if it will do as good as everyone says.

Lightfield slugs have never let me down yet.

I use an 11-87 with cantilever barrel and Leupold 4X scope. Nice combo, works great on deer. I just got a muzzleloader, I will let you know on it.
I have 2 of the new H and R,s with the heavy bull barels. One is a 12 gauge and the other is a 20. I have leupold scopes on them and shoot 3 in. federal premium copper expanders. I have used this setup for 15 seasons seasons now and will never change. Every and i mean (every) deer i have shot has never ran more than 20 yards. In my honest opinion the 12 gauge is to heavy and the 20 gauge is more acurate, although th difference will only be seen on paper at 100 yards and not in the vitals. With all that being said i still prefer to have the knockdown power of the 12.

I love (let me make this clear) LOVE my Mossberg model 500. with my 3x9 scope i can put a 2 inch group at 100 yards running federal 1 oz rifled slugs
Another vote for the Mossberg 500 here. Like it so much, I own two. For deer I use the 12g, rifled, shoot Winchester superX sabots, for the money, I love it!
Use another Mossberg 500 in a .410 for smaller varmits shooting either shot or slugs.
For last 5 years I've been using same setup as many of the guys, an old Mossbeg Model 500 with smooth bore slug barrel and Remington 1 oz slugs (or Federal 1 oz). I've got a Simmons "Whitetailer" scope, 1.5 x 5 variable. The gun kicks like a dang mule, but it only hurts during practice. Last 3 deer killed have only required 1 shot each, and I never felt the kick on any of 'em. :tongue:

-Dan- ;)
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