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small mouth

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by long gun, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. :woohoo1: Thing are starting to heat up in the around! The smallies are to bite and this a grate time to come this for some nice smallies action!:yikes:
  2. Right on!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: smallies

  3. Gun where are you fishing at for them? Tippy? Shafer? Freeman?
  4. it's also grate flyfishing for smallies!
  5. Man I LOVE Spring Time!!!! All the fishing out there to be had and mushroom hunting and camping weather, and bike riding weather... I think spring time is my favorite time! I've been catching some largemouth out of miss res. lately as well as the wonderful Wildkat Creek, but have yet to hook into the smallies yet......

    Thanks for the update, now I debating wether or not to call off or work tonight.... GRRRR :banghead3 :banghead3

  6. just got back for the dam here in logansport and pulled in 3 smallies about 10".
  7. Where you fishing at on the wildkat creek? I live in kokomo and got a spot on the creek that I'v been hammering Smallies and a few eye's. Its about 2 miles from my house and some some kick a** fishing.
  8. Hey, good to see another member from my area. I havent even been out yet, but the dam is one my favorite spots early. In the summer it gets too crowded with people swimming and stuff in my opinion. You ever fish out at adamsboro?? Lots of places out there to get into some nice smallies. I fished a few times last year right from the boat launch under the bridge and caught several 2-3 pounders on mister twisters and rapalas. Down by the 6th street bridge last year i also caught 2 nice walleyes while fishing for smallmouths. They had to have came up from the wabash is the only thing i can figure.
  9. yes i've fished only one time.have you tried down by the market street bridge.oh there is a small pond by old 24 and new 24 meet.if you have any kids you can't go wrong.
  10. They were sure cooled off yesterday, didn't catch a darn thing... I met up with Indianadeerhunter and fished and talked for about 15 minutes before it started raining to hard to be out. I did get bit soaked, but hey, I was wet before I was dry right?? LOL

    Good to meet you Indianadeerhunter, hope to do some more fishing with ya in the future!

  11. they sure was cooled off. I got a whole 20 min in before I got soaked. I'm really thinking about tring in the morning if I can get time.

    It was good to meet you also. It would of been better if the rain would of held off a little while longer. But we can do it again. Im always ready to hit the water.
  12. well i thing i'm going to mon & tue when i'm off .and since i have to work tomorrow i might have to go on my lunch to get me through until mon.
  13. I like to fish for smallies as well. They are pretty tatsy too...
  14. Just got back from the wildkat and all in all it was a pretty good day. cought about 5 smallmouth and couple eye's. Not a bad day........