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teaching the kid how to process his deer several years now. just started getting him interested in the best part, imo, the cooking. lol we started in on the grindies yesterday so i asked him his plans. his deer after all rite. he said some deer logs and breakfast sausage bags. so we mixed both up yesterday. he tossed his sausage in freezer and i kept the log meat to roll and smoke this morning. smoked at 225-250 with charcoal and hickory/mesquite mix. the logs hit 160* internal in 3 hours. wrapped them in foil to let rest. hard to not cut one at this point. :)
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no messing with casings. just mix set in fridge over night. roll into logs and smoke the next day.

one tip, i found when not adding pork, is to grind the meat three times and add some binder liquid in mix. i use mustard and they hold together fine. if you dont do this they are very crumbly as anyone thats tried to make pure deer burgers has found out. one log at a time is a great way to play with your mixes.
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