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Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by redbone, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Does Anybody Use Snares For Raccoon. Iam Thinking Of Trying It But Dont No Much About Them. Sizes,sets Etc. Do You Have Any Success.
  2. Yes,more so for coyote trapping or when the ground is frozen or the weather is too unstable for leg holds. But with having to get written permision from the land owner ,it makes it harder to do when the farmers who rent the ground is who I deal mainly with the permission to trap.
    And it makes me a little weary that I may accidently snare a deer,no matter how cautious you are while setting a snare.
    And make sure you know the complete regs on loop size and a relaxing snare is required! Leg holds or 220's seem a lot less complicated!?

  3. Thanks For The Advice Iwas Considering It Because They Are Alot Cheaper Than Conibears Footholds. The Trap Thieves Have Gotten A About 10 Traps From Me In The Past Couple Of Years.
  4. Go with the 220's conibear in a bucket set, u will get something 90% of the time. ;)
  5. Where are you setting the bucket and what are you using for bait? I am not a trapper, but became one with a pond and muskrats. My 9 year old boy enjoys trapping the muskrats and used his muskrat money to buy (2) 220 conibears two years ago. (He heard coon was worth $5-8 each and thought that sounded better than a $2 muskrat). I have helped him set them the past two years and we haven't caught anything. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Usually i would scout out around a lake or pond, find the areas that have the most coon tracks. To make the set get a five gallon bucket and cut two slot in the side about 3 in. by 4 in. on opposite sides of the rim. You will want to do this at home of course. When u find a good lookin area set the bucket in some brush near the areas you have scouted. Set the bucket on the side, and have a couple of stake hammered in the ground so it won't role around on u. Next get a can of sardines and sprinkle the juices around to attract them fur balls. Place the can in the back of the bucket. Get your 220 conibear compress the springs and set the trigger wire. BE EXTREMELY CAREFULL. Slide the 220's springs into the slots. Next set a couple stakes through the springs to secure it. Don't forget to take the safety off of the springs. I usually use a stick to do this. Next, get the heck out of there and don't come back until the following morning. This set is also deadly for opposums too. If u don't understand my instructions u can look up some trapping websites, and they got pics on what this set looks like. As far as footholds i haven't had much luck.
  7. good advice coonslayer. i would also scout around drains maybe travel around ur area check for travel routes usually visible from the road if u know what to look for. there is usually a fence there u can see the trail set up there and jab a couple sticks in the ground along the trail both ways so they will work the set. also follow the trail back into the woods aways and set up 1or 2 more sets if possible. usually the best spots are with woods on oneside and crops on the other. i have had many double catches using this setup it is real simple no scents bait etc. check traps early because ur trapping right by the road theres guys out there that will pick ur catch and trap up. the bucket set that coonslayer posted is awesome around bidges also. one of my favorite baits for coon is chocolate donuts and pure honey. good luck both of u.:)
  8. Yeah i've had peoples steal my traps before. It make me want to :bash: :bash: :bash: to the people who steal traps. But oh well next time lock them babies up. Actually it been quit a while since i have trapped. I'm thinkin about going out and trappin some critters because this year i'm trying taxidermy, need some critters to pratice on ;) .
  9. I suggest getting in to a trapper education class. You won't come out being an expert, but you'll learn a few things. (check out ISta website or dnr home page for dates).
    Also subscribe to trapping magazines.....have your son read the articles and look at the pictures!
  10. Thanks MIG,

    I saw something in the hunting regulations about the trapping class and have been considering it.
  11. rabies

    Heard a case of rabies was reported from a bat. I had to kill a raccoon in the yard this morning that had to be RABID. Be careful out there.