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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by rico, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I see that they got a 17 year-old kid for those shootings Sunday. The article I saw said that he had been on a deer hunting trip in Southern Indiana????
  2. SO whats that Mean???

  3. It sounded like a farm and crop damage permits. It does give Anti's more fuel though when something like this happens. What I want to know, and you won't see this in the paper, is what prescription drugs was this kid put on. Everytime, and I mean EVERYTIME, some kid goes off the deep end there are prescription drugs involved. These mind-altering drugs take the depressed and unhappy and make them psychotic. If I were a betting man I would say he was on Paxil. And so were the Columbine kids, Andrea Yates, the lady who cut the arms off her baby, the boy that flew a light plane into a building a few years ago, and on, and on, and on. Don't blame hunting when the problem is the mass experiment of drugging our kids with mind altering drugs.
  4. I dont give a **** what he was doing or why he was doing it. Bottom line he killed someone, time for him to meet his maker. If the kid is that screwed up in the mellon that he thinks cars are deer and its ok to take target practice on them as they go down the road, he is more of a time bomb than any of us know. Dont make me pay taxes giving him three good meals a day, a hot shower, recreation, an education, and a fitness center, there are homeless guys on the street that have it worse and they havent done anything wrong other than get hooked on the bottle or something. Warm up the switches or get the cotton swabs out... I have zero sympathy for this kind of stuff.

    "oh he was just confused, he didnt know what he was doing." HORSE CRAP! Politically correctness says he can claim insanity and get a 15 year sentence. Bullshit, he is a whacko and where were his parents at when he had this gun and why was it a rifle?? They should also be held accountable as well. Now ive gotta defend myself when i carry a gun to my car during deer season, or im out shooting my bow in the yard. Irrational people do not posses the discerning eye that says wait a minute he was hunting but that doesnt mean all hunters arent like that. Maybe they are all blood crazy dudes with weapons. HMMMMM maybe i should speak up against hunting. Take the whacko out back and we wont have to worry about him anymore. Thats my .02 cents about this kid.
  5. I did not intend to blame hunting. It was just that the article said he had been deer hunting. It made no mention of crop damage or the like. Kinda had me puzzled. By the way it did say that he had been in scrapes with the law before. I think theft and some sort of sex crime. No medications mentioned. But it did say he had a website and looked up to quite a few unsavory characters.
  6. well said
  7. I heard that this kid was anit-OBR and his website was full of charts and graphs on how if only Indiana went back to allowing 2 bucks/yr the state would be full of cash and monster bucks would be on every corner. He was also advertising a high fence hunting operation, supporting crossbows and wanted to sell land to out of state corperations for hunting leases. He was also attempting to rally support to use high powered rifles for deer hunting in Indiana....but that's just what I heard.
  8. Tell us how you really feel!
  9. Oldbuckkiller perhaps?
  10. You left out the part about the KKK.
  11. Wrong county and too young.
  12. Two things....
    1. were right. The first thing that was brought up at work about the sniper was the fact he had been hunting and had a noted in the paper a rifle that came with a scope and sighted in out of the box. And how that combo was made for disaster....implied, what do you expect to happen! The second thing brought up was how many people at work or their relatives/friends were on Paxil...Zoloft...etc.

    2. make it sound like some of us occasionally go on a rant...nah!
  13. Quail,

    I heard he was really looking for an arm chair biologists that is a professional outdoor writer and sleeps with Jimmy Houston.
  14. This is a mighty unfortunate situation for the hunting community. I am hoping there will not be a lot of attention placed on the fact that he was a hunter/was on a hunting trip.

    As far as a 17 year old having a rifle, I am not opposed, nor concerned about that. What I am concerned about is at 17 a boy driving two hours south to hunt (by himself), and apparently leaving and being on the road between 12 Midnight and 2 AM.

    In the days, weeks ahead we will know more about this boy than we can possibly imagine. There will be several factors that caused this boy to do what he did. At the end of the day, he killed someone and should be dealt with aggressively. The death penalty is made for crimes like this, and may be appropriate for this particular case.

    So far the news reports I have seen, and print media I have read is focusing on the law enforcement effort. No doubt there are some talented investigators on this case. The public should also be commended for coming forward with information that the trained investigators were able recognize as valuable information and able to put together. Job well done guys!!! ;)
  15. That's it Scooter, tell Rita and the kids goodbye!!!!!

    I do, however, like how you put "Professional" on there...kudos for that part. However, prepare to say your prayers....wabbit!!!!!!