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Snow Again!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by pigeonflier, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. I have had enough of this junk. I thought that dang ground hog said we were done a long time ago. 410 must have shot and ate him. About 2-3"s happening up here. Looks like some good fishing weather,,eh goggle?

  2. It's snowing again here too, fortunately no accumulation though. I think this makes 6 days in a row now of snow for us ... IN APRIL!!!!

    This sucks!:mad:

  3. Never trust a groundhog

    Pigeon, the groundhog lied, it was trying to get on 410's good side and avoid being invited for dinner.

    Our furnace konked out here at work, it's cold!
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  4. I bet 410 takes the bigger boat out today, and the weather slows his catch down to maybe 18-19 gills.
  5. No snow here!!!!! Had a few flurries a few days ago though. Better you northeners than us.
  6. Any weather is good fishing weather!!!!!
  7. We have a dusting in the yard...pretty much sucks if you ask me. Not that there is much I can do about it.

    Think we could work out a deal to get this stuff early (i.e. OCTOBER), instead of late?
  8. Well both of you are right, I did not kill the hog but someone did run over one down the road from me. And yes Quail I did have the big boat, but I just ran up and picked it up, it was uncovered and had around 2 inches of snow all over everything, so I got it home and tarp it again and worked 2 hours getting the snow and the elec. areas dry. No bites today, had to wait for around a hour for the boat so I thought why not throw a line in the water.
    Now I am waiting on a phone call to see it I am to be one of those crazy things call a person with a job. Dana is calling people back for four or five months to get a contract done and just maybe I will get my retiedment money after all.
  9. Ohhhh Mannn I would would ALL - IN for some harsh weather in Oct. ....About the 2nd week would be HEAVEN!!!
  10. Keep all the snow "UP THERE"...we do not want anymore "DOWN HERE" this year!!!
  11. Good luck Tuck! It would be worth limited fishing for 5 months to get that retirement.
  12. Yes, snow on the way in to work today...freaking people driving 20-30 on state highways...then speed up during passing zones...then slow down in no passing I just wanted to clobber the white van in front of me today! ;)
    Is it fair to say that we have had more snow in April than we did last December? At least is seems that way!
  13. stupid global cooling...
    it was global warming wasn't it...
    well it must have moved to someplace else
  14. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    All sports events are cancelled here for today..

    Here's a good one. The softball coach told her girls that the game was cancelled due to the rain, wind, and cold, and told them to make sure they had their practice girl asked, "Are we practicing outside?"

    Gotta love kids.