Snow Day

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    Ok, now...who along with me and Mark (Goggleye) is lucky enough to be a teacher and has the day off because of snow...while the rest of you sweat and slave over your jobs:evilsmile
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  2. Rub it in buddy, just rub it in!
    I'm here in the lab, with both my kids for the day, least I have a job where I can bring them in with me when they have a snow day.

    Looking forward to tomorrow, actually have a weekend off, I'm taking the pup out for some birds (fingers crosse, we'll find a few)!

  3. I still had to have my wife to work at 7:00 - she's a secretary at the High school where I teach. But I got a couple of hours of deer hunting in this morning after they finally decided we would be off for the whole day. Saw 5 does but couldn't get a shot at any of them :)