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Snow Geese

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Gunfighter45, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Anyone Hunt Snow Geese? This March there will be an open season on Snow Geese in Indiana, i'm thinking of giveing it a try..........
    I am looking for any info on where i can find them, or any insite from anyone whom has hunted them......... It looks to be a long season w/ no limit or federal stamps. I will post more as i find out more, but it sounds like it will be fun.

  2. Good luck finding enough to hunt. We see them on occasion, but honestly, not often enough to justify the effort in setting up to hunt them.

  3. Same here.
  4. We saw 2 on a lake last Saturday morning while driving some properties.

  5. Same here :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Get a few down south but even if you do find them you better get about a 1000, yes 1000 dekes. They won't come into just a couple dozen.

    My advice is go to Arkansas or Mizzou maybe even Illinois for their conservation hunts. My buddy went last year with 2 other guys to Arkansas and avg about 35 birds a day for 3 days. Looking to go down there this year myself.
  7. Hummmmnnnn! Well guys i realy don't know much about them, but one of my hunting partners was reading a paper from Spencer, and thats where he read about the hunt. We thought it would be cool to do! Who knows we may give it a try anyway.............. I would be happy comming home w/ one bird.
    Thanks for the replies
  8. Good luck, you never know down there they may be everywhere.
  9. Two seasons ago there was about a dozen around my spot for about a week. They didn't want anything to do with us, but we were still killing canada's so I guess we needed a few snows mixed in the spread. This year I've seen a nice group of specs and had two at skyblaster's range but I never shot. Heck, I'm happy I even saw them.
  10. Ive seen 5 this year so far as i was driving down I65.
  11. More a them there white gooses is SE Missouri right now then 10 men can shake a stick at i tell ya.... Ha. Just came back from there New Years Day with DHolidays brother and my lord are they all over down there. Were talkin hundreds of thousands of birds flyin that area. If you've never been over to hunt them it is something all waterfowlers should try atleast once. Its relatively cheap and a whole lot different style of hunting i think. I've hunted them twice now in the conservation season and shot a few while we were down there last week. Neat birds.... but i dont see many up here anyways at all during the year. Few thats about it.
  12. I second that Noble Mizou is hoppin with whites
  13. Hunted along the White River south of Spencer for years now and have seen thousands of canadas, never a snow, ever. Been to plenty of other waterfowl areas all over the state and have never seen a snow.
  14. I Shot A Snow About 8 Yrs. Ago In Steuben Co. They Were With About 500 Canadas After The Canadas Landed They Circled About 6 Times Before They Finally Came In We Shot 2 They Are Some Very Weary Birds No Wonder Thereis So Many Now ,
  15. Thanks Guys, Looks like it will be a real chalange to find these guys.....
    Not sure if i'm going to give it a go or not.