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Snow goose hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Dock Holiday, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Went to MO last weekend and hunted snows, we had a good time and had a couple of good shoots. Anybody else traveling to hunt the sky carp?
  2. snow geese

    Why do you call them sky carp? How many did you get/see? Where in Missouri did you go? I've only hunted Canadian geese.


  3. Hey Dock,

    How many did you guys end up getting? Did you use a guide service and if so which one if you don't mind me asking? Did you hunt in Mound City around Squaw Creek Refuge? Got any Pictures?

    Me and a couple of my buddies went out to South Dakota last Spring and hunted the Snows and it was the funnest hunting trip I have ever been on. We went through an awesome guide service too. Not making the trip this year, but hopefully next year.
    Here are a couple of pics from our trip......

    Check out this tornado of birds that was right above us one afternoon.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to do it again!!!!!
  4. looks like a blast! Can't wait till i can go do it, think about it every year. Just haven't got the wife persuaded yet.
  5. Snow Goose Hunt

    Hey We Are Going To Sw Mo Thursday To Hunt Snow Geese Hope They Are Flying. We Go To The Same Place Every Year. It Is Fun When The Geese Are There.
  6. Good Luck- Hope all turns out-- Who did you book with?
  7. Sky carp,Fools Gold or the perfect Woman

    Chasing these devils will make you crazy. It only takes one good hunt to hook you! Picking lotto numbers is easier than decoying sky carp! My best advise is put your best spread out and hunt in the field across the road.:banghead3
  8. Snow Goose Hunt

  9. Do you guys hunt rice fields, roost ponds or what?? What type of dekes yall use?
  10. Snow Goose Hunt

    Hey Doc We Just Got Back From Mo Today We Killed 30 Ross And 3 Snows. We Were In Corn Stubble Across From A Huge Hole Of Water. The First Day Was Great The Second Day Was Terrible. 8 Degrees And Blowing Snow With A 15 Mph Wind. It Was So Cold That My Ham Sandwich Was As Hard As A Brick. Saw A Huge Amount Of Birds. This Was Our 2nd Year Out There. We Were In Sw Mo By A Little Town Called Nevada. Would Like To Know If You Have A Place That You Would Recommend. We Are Looking For A Litle Change. Thanks Jeff
  11. Yes I do- "Show Me Snow Geese"

    Website is

    My group is on the brochure

    Great guys and hard workers

    You guys pounded on the freeking ross, I love shooting those "fat ducks" they decoy awesome

    Nice work

    What kind of Decoys did yall hunt over??
  12. snow geese decoys

    Hey Doc We Used Texas Rags, Northwind Socks And Full Body Decoys About 800 Total. Thanks For The Info On Your Place That You Went To. Thanks Jeff
  13. snows

    has anybody seen any snows around evansville, IN. i just finally went waterfowl hunting around christmas for the first time ever. and i wish i would have tryed it earlier than that because i love it. i have been wanting to try to get some snows since they said u can hunt them from feb. 1 till sometime in march
  14. haha... man .. i was gonna be ticked!! dock that you went out there without the invite... then i seen the date about 3/4 way through the posts...!! AAhhhh the memories :) ...