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So how many of you are ready?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Steve, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Do you all have your bows tuned up and ready to go? I still have to shoot mine through paper to make sure it is ready, sharpen my broadheads, and I'm ready.
  2. I've been slinging arrows every night for the last week, and plan to keep doing unti opening day.

    Got 'er dialed in pretty good! Hoping to hang the last of my stands today...then stay out of the woods until season.

    Can't wait!

  3. Ready and Waiting

    I have had a good off-season with practice and 3d shoots. I am more then ready to hit the woods. The stands are hung and trimmed. Now the weather needs to start moving towards the lower temperatures, and falling leaves.

    I wait all year for this...:bouncy:
  4. I am very ready.
    I leave for Colorado tomorrow night for an Elk/Deer hunt. So I've been shooting a lot over the summer and getting gear ready for a couple of weeks.
  5. We have our stands in order, shooting lanes trimmed, just waiting for opening day.
    I'll be shooting in the backyard often from now until then, and this year my daughter will be learning to shoot her new bow. Last year she went out with me several times to sit next to me either in the stand or down in a blind.

    I really recommend ground blinds for starting kids off, they'll be dry, protected by the wind, and little ones don't have to sit as still for so long.
  6. I have been shooting al summer long. Hell the season for me starts the 15th of Sept. I love the urban zone
  7. Jonsin' for the treestand

    I just bought a new bow today but won't get it for another week. I can't wait to shoot it. My boss is going to let me hunt his property this year so I am pumped.

  8. All ready to go here. Come on October 1st!
  9. Shooting at 60# and repairing 3d targets

    I'm ready to go. Lanes cleared and marked.

    I finally worked my way up to 60#. Got a older pse nova game sport. I shoot 28" carbon express thunderstorm 30-50 with an overdraw. I used to shoot 2213's but these carbons fly straighter and faster. I shoot 125 grain tips and have a total weight of 405 gn.Mabie next year I'll have Adam up at "Someplace to Shoot" cut them down to 26".
    I have had to repair my buck 3d target 3 times now. I use the great stuff expandable foam. It's cheaper than replacing the core. The only down side is that you need to spray some armor all or wd 40 on the shafts to keep them from sticking. It also works good to fill a large paper buckets and place them in the back yard. I stand on the roof and wack 'em.
  10. I'm lucky to have a good range in my backyard, makes it easy to get out and take a few shots to keep skills sharp.
    A tip I learned the hard way two years ago...practice with a set of broadheads that are the same as you intend to hunt with, you won't have an ill-timed suprise on how your arrows will fly when it counts. Live and learn.

    This year I've started teaching my ten year old daughter to shoot her new bow, that's been an education for the both of us!
  11. We are taking the camper down to Madison this weekend. Clothes are in the tub with scent wafers. I have been shooting off of the wood shed every night. I have 3 deer and a Block I shoot. All food plots were cut Sept 1 to give them time to grow some tender shoots. I need to make some fresh cover scent this weekend and I will be set.
  12. I've been throwing arrows since July and here it is October 5th and I have yet to get out. My life sucks....:gaga: