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Solo Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Super_Mag, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. All of my hunting buds backed out of me late on saturday night. I had a good traffic field to hunt, the truck packed , I was going hunting. It turned out to be a good call. Before LST, had good groups of mallards and teal buzzing all around the decoys and a few touched down for a minute. They knew something wasn't right though. And took off. :bonk:Saw some geese early then it got silent untill 8. At 8 it was chaos. Geese came from all around me, but wouldn't come in. I adjusted the dekes, and soon after a loner came from the north, cupped and stuck the feet out. 25 yard, chip shot. 1 more to go for my limit. Another 10 minutes, hear a flock from the west and look behind me and see them cupping up. I hit the call a few times, and they were coming down. I was scanning the birds, and I saw it. The first neck collar I've seen while in the field. It was on the bird on the tail end of the flock. Looked like a giant bullseye. Waited for them to circle downwind, came in and took my shot about 30 yards. They were on a string too. Stay around afterwards to take in the numbers of geese that came in from what seemed like nowhere. It was one sweet hunt. Also while I was walking out to pick up the decoys, ALMOST got caught by a lonely Greenhead who didnt make it out. Forgot to get a picture of him.Only my 2nd band and for it to have the collar is pretty sweet. Pigeon will be posting a pic for me. Thanks Pigeon:cool:

  2. Awesome!

    I shot a collar last year. They make nice trophies.:biggrin:
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