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Some time you get the bear - some times the bear gets you!

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by goggleye57, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Some time you get the bear - some times the bear gets you!

    Great trip but no fish.
    Thursday evening- Went to the Frankfort pier - no fishing- Gale on Lake Michigan, blowing snow and big rolling breakers over the pier.
    Friday morning- started out at the Frankfort pier for steelhead. Cold and blowing out the West - fished all morning - no one caught anything - you should have been here a couple of days ago.
    Friday afternoon and evening fished in the Platt. Saw a couple caught. The Coho run has hardly happened this year.
    Fished on the Frankfort pier this am - no bites -- saw a couple of fish caught.
    But - had a nice trip
    My wife and mother went along


    Beautiful Scenery
  2. Continued

    Lots of wildlife in the area!
    found a great place to stay Millers Hide Away Resort on Little Platte Lake

  3. Looks like you and the missus had a good time, even if the fishing stunk! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Mark,
    Sorry you didn't catch anything... I love that pic of the Sleeping Bear! (Will tell you the legend sometime..)

    I had heard reports that the fish kill in ther Wier in 04 would slow down the Coho for a couple of years....:(
    It is Beautiful up there!