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Something good is about to happen....

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. I haven't been out since Thursday's 12:25 a.m. Sunday morning...can't sleep...keep thinking about a big racked buck and how it's all gonna' happen soon.....hopefully Sunday morning. Now that would be a great way to end my vacation. :dizzy: Good luck out there!!!
  2. Go get him, tree!

  3. Maybe we can compare racks! I've got the same itch as you do............ We shall see! Good luck & be careful.
  4. Good luck!

    But you are right about something good gonna happen.
    Gun Season!
    I will be cleaning the ole CVA this week, sighting it in, driving some pins.....
    Won't have to worry about that out range problem.
  5. Tree, I've had that "something good" feeling for a bit now. Every time I go out, that's what I'm thinking.
    Saw 4 last night, 2 deer in range I let walk. This morning was a big goose egg, hard to figure no deer moving, 35 degrees outside....oh well
    I'm sure Something Good will happen this afternoon. Came home to get warm and a hot lunch, then I'll be heading out again.
    Sounds like I should be working out a guide fee with James, pretty sure something good would happen then!
  6. Saw several smaller bucks and about six or seven does this morning. Got ready to draw on a big doe at twenty yards, but as soon as I thought about it, she looked right at me. Stomped her foot for a while, then she just walked away. Dang, those big does are smart.
  7. Today was the day BUT...

    Oh my gosh!!! This morning was the morning. At 8:30 I heard a deer behind me and looked back and it was a doe and she was acting "funny". I kept my eye on her and then I saw 2 more deer legs appear. The rest of the deer was hidden, then she moved and he did too. He was an absolute "freak". At first all I could see was was the massive white polished left rack as he dogged after the doe. She hopped a small ravine to get away from him. I got him stopped before he hopped the ravine by grunting. He looked my way and from what I could tell the right side rack was busted, didn't look anything like the left side. The left side had 4 points up off the main beam with great mass. All total the left side had 6 points. He was a brute in the body department too. I never could get a good read on his right side but only could tell it was messed up. He hopped the ravine and I stopped him again for a few minutes and then he went on after the doe. After I took my attention from those 2 I looked back out into the bean field to see if anything was happening there because I had a buck decoy out in front of me. At about 300 yds to my left there was a large deer out in the field and a coyote out in front of me coming full speed towards the decoy. It suddenly spooked and retreated back into the woodline and I looked where the deer was standing in the field but it was gone. I'm guessing the site of the 'yote changed its mind. I waited a while and did some more grunting and looked behind me to see if anything was moving, it wasn't....BUT out in the field directly across from me was a nice buck with his nose to the ground working to my right away from me...before thinking I hit the grunt call once with no response and then again louder...he looked over and saw the decoy and made his way over to my side like he was on a leash...a major mistake on my part...before grunting I should have stood up...I was pinned down in my stand afraid to move and no way could I draw on him. He kept his eyes on the decoy all the way over to me except for a couple of stop and now I can see he is a 10 pointer with a light chocolate rack, perfect on both sides, well past the ears. He had one of those what I call Texas racks...real wide with low tines all the same size. I'd guess he was pushing high 140's - lower 150 class. He worked his way up towards the back of the decoy posturing as he made the turn to the about the time I'm ready to draw back it was like he smelled a skunk...he screeched to a halt and started backpeddaling and he was off before I could even get the string back on him...he bounded off out of range with tail in the heart sank and I was instantly sick in the pit of my stomach :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 ...I stopped him with some grunts but it was too late. I do not believe he smelled me as the wind was in my face and he did not snort like he whiffed me. I think he got so close to the decoy and realized it wasn't the real McCoy. He was at 10 yards, 15 yards max. I'll never get a deer that close like that one again. It was perfect just like I had planned expect for not being in position for the shot. All this transpired by 9:10 a.m. I stayed on stand until a little after 11:00. Getting ready to head back out now to see what else is in store for me this afternoon. My premonition was true about the big racked buck...the final result was much different than I had planned. This is driving me :coco: but I love it!!! :dizzy:
  8. Amen- Those boys were bustin at the seams in Whitley county also! Four bucks, seven does. Only one shooter, but he was so busy trying to climb on a doe he didn't even hear me grunting. Looked up when I rattled, then took off after the doe like a kid headed for Chuck E Cheese. Pretty cool though, tons of action, just no draw. Headin out in 15 minutes after my open house. Good Luck!
  9. I had a giant 10 pointer within range and underneath me at a mere 3 yards this morning but couldn't get a shot off due to brush being in the way the entire time. I think he saw movement and boogered out of there. I know the feeling Randy; get some Mrs. Doe Pee's Dominant Buck Urine and make the decoy "real". Did you wash the decoy first, Rand?

    I pulled in 2 different bucks this a.m. with a drag of Fresh Doe in Estrus. The big dude was searching for the "hot doe", but I never got a real shot opportunity. I keep telling you guys that it's the shiz, but noone believes me. A little while later a young 7 point came in and hit the breaks when he came in contact with the drag trail. He followed it right over to me, but he was just a kid.

    I then saw another nice 8 pointer at 8:15...not quite a shooter, but I did draw on him.
  10. "Like a kid headed for Check E. Cheese" A beauty of a metaphor right there Crooked. How 'bout that J.L.? Mr. Engrish Teacher........!!!
  11. I saw 4 different bucks here in Cass County this morning. All were younger bucks though. 2 were after does. They were up and moving all morning long. I seen the last buck just after 11AM.
  12. Tracks make poor soup...

    So do sightings

    Oh great thunder where art thou.....

    KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! reload....
    I see why the Indians lost! They brought the wrong weapons!
  13. It's gonna' be a long night!

    The buck I didn't get the draw on Sunday morning took a Muzzy Sunday evening at last light. He was doggin' a doe who came in to check out my doe decoy. He put the perimiter defense on her, wouldn't let her get away and kept cutting her off. She decided to check out the decoy a little closer and he played the game with her. She finally had enough and took off, he didn't and made the mistake of meandering a little too long. I had already come to full draw and had my pin placed in the window of opportunity waiting for him to take 2 more steps which he finally did and I drilled him. He ran off and stood in the field and I wasn't sure how good of a hit I had on him. After dark I got down and could not find my arrow and no blood for quite awhile until I got to where I had seen him last standing. The first blob of blood was evidence of the hit. We started a slow tracking job about 2 hours after sighting first blood and tracked him in a large semi-circle and ended up finding the back half of my arrow with blood on it all the way to the nock. After running out of light on the Q-beams we re-charged the batteries and did some more tracking. We found good blood all the way from where I last seen him standing until we ran out of juice on the lights. He had laid down a few times and bled quite a bit. We found a mud/water hole in the cut cornfield where he laid down and wallered in the mud/water, blood everywhere. It's going to be a long night for me thinking about where I'll find him or if I will. I have the last spot marked to start fresh in the morning...keep your fingers crossed for me, he's a dandy.

    My brother was hunting with me and he shot what he thought was a doe that turned out to be a button buck. He made a beautiful shot on it, double lunged him with no tracking required.
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  14. Good luck on the tracking this morning,, hope you find him.
  15. Best of luck to you in finding your deer, tree...sounds like a dandy.

    Slow weekend for me, saw 4 on Sat, 2 shooters that wouldn't come in close enough, and 2 dinks that came under the stand and I let walk. Sunday at 1:50 PM I set up in a stand closer to a thicket, heard two bucks battleing hard. After the fight had finished I let them settle down about 20 minutes then gave some low grunts and a snort wheeze. My buck started to come into me grunting the whole way, wind shift...end of story.:banghead3 This may have been my last chance to arrow him, looks doubtful I'll get out during the week. Slug gun is ready for Sat.